Astrology, soul work / lightwork, and somatic techniques have been life-changing modalities for me along my own path of self-understanding, healing, and growth in all facets of life. They’ve helped me to perceive and understand patterns and dynamics that were driving my experiences and reactions and creating unhappiness and conflict, so I could then make new choices. I felt pretty stuck and lost for a chunk of my young adulthood.

The more consistently I worked with these techniques, the more energy I was able to move (spiritual, emotional, mental, somatic, psychic, karmic…) and the more centered, un-stuck, and happy I became. A sense of purpose, wholeness, and positive momentum began to emerge.

I love client work! It would be a privilege to partner with you as you seek greater self-awareness, relief from inner conflict and pain, or effective new tools for healing and growth — whether you’re bringing intensely heavy difficulties or simple curiosity into the session.

My Philosophy:

You have the power; I simply offer some new tools, perspectives, and access points so you can connect with it better and use it more constructively.

You don’t need me to “tell you who you are” or “heal you.” But I do create and hold the space for you to tap into what you need and are ready for in that moment, checking my intuition along the way. I invite Spirit / your higher power to help with the really heavy lifting, particularly in the soul work healing sessions.

Astrology is an incredibly rich language for self-understanding, and offers a clear map complete with signposts for your journey’s potential forks in the road. I don’t use it to make “predictions” per se, but rather to show you where you have the opportunity to make the most of what’s unfolding.

What Else?

I’m a Taurus with Cancer rising and a Sagittarius Moon (don’t worry if you don’t know what that means! I love doing a little teaching in my astro sessions). Swimming, dancing, gardening, hiking, any mode or reason to be in or near the water, performing live theater, and capturing incredible light in photographs all bring me joy, keep me sane, and at their best feel like conversations with god. I’m a homebody who loves to travel. Cycles are my jam. Except for bicycles — they make me anxious.

As an astrologer, intuitive healer, and light worker I have ten years’ experience writing and editing professionally for a popular astrology website while deepening my studies, and well over a decade of experience exploring various forms of somatic work, breath work, and energy healing.