I am always a little amazed at how an ongoing practitioner-client relationship can become greater that the sum of its parts — how the opportunity to continue building trust and experiencing results opens the way for unforeseen benefits.

Even just one supportive check-in after you’ve done some integration on your own can help things to “stick,” can reaffirm a new discovery, or may peel another key layer off the proverbial onion.

Multiple Soul Work Sessions (for the same client): 

Pay for multiple sessions now, to be scheduled as needed. (Every three to four weeks is often ideal, but you get to determine what works for you.) Scheduling future sessions can occur at the end of each session as we go once you’ve pre-paid for your multi-session package.

Soul work sessions cost $80 per session.

Please contact me to book a package of multiple soul work sessions.

Multiple Astrology Sessions (for the same client): 

Due to the differences between my sliding scale for initial astrology consultations and my rates and timing for follow-up astrology sessions, those follow-ups must be booked on an individual basis. Please contact me if you are a previous astrology client seeking a follow-up astrology consultation.