Ready to go beyond “your sign,” or seeking an in-depth astro-tune-up? My approach is primarily an interview style based on your birth chart: You tell me why you’re seeking a consultation, then I identify key dates in your life that have likely been turning points and you tell me about what was going on for you at those times. We then consider the pattern that emerges together, and apply those insights to whatever is going on for you now [read more]

Soul Work

If you feel like there’s something just beneath the surface that you can’t quite put your finger on, but it feels important to know about — and you don’t know how to see into that space and listen to what’s there — this method could be especially helpful for you to try… [read more]

Follow-Up Sessions and Multi-Session Packages

Given all the insights, questions, and new perspectives that come out in a session of astrology work or soul work, it can be helpful to know that you have a follow-up session (or two) already booked… [read more]