Q. Are sessions remote or in-person?  

A. I generally do all astrology and Soul Work sessions remotely, via Skype, Zoom, or phone. If you are local to southern Maine, an in-person session may be possible, depending on distance and whether a suitable, private location is available to meet, since I do not currently have a separate studio/office space.  

Q. What kind of payment do you accept? 

A. You can pay via Zelle (preferred), PayPal, personal check, or cash. 

Q. When do I pay for the session? 

A. Please plan to pay when you schedule your session. I require payment at least 24 hours before your session to confirm your appointment.  

Q. Do you offer a sliding scale? 

A. Yes, for astrology sessions. Please see below for the appropriate need-based sliding scale. If you can afford to pay the full (highest) rate, please do so — this enables me to keep the lower-tier pricing for those who are struggling financially. Also, please note that the sliding scale does not relate to the length of your session.  

Q. How long do sessions last? 

Initial astrology sessions last 90 minutes.

Follow-up astrology sessions occurring six (6) months or less after your initial session last 60 minutes, and are priced differently.  

— If it has been more than six (6) months since your initial astrology consult, plan for your follow-up session to take 75-90 minutes.

Soul work sessions (both initial and any follow-up or recurring sessions) last 60 minutes.  

Q. What are your rates? 

A. It depends on the type of session:

Initial astrology sessions are priced on a need-based sliding scale of $90-$120.

Follow-up astrology sessions occurring six (6) months or less after your initial session cost $80. If you think you might like to include some soul work techniques in your follow-up astrology session, please let me know ahead of your appointment so I can better plan our time together.

Follow-up astrology sessions occurring more than six (6) months after your initial session are priced the same as an initial consult, on a need-based sliding scale of $90-$120.

All soul work sessions are $80.

Q. When do sessions occur? 

A. My schedule tends to fluctuate. However, I am currently most available for client sessions during “regular” business hours on weekdays, and some weekday evenings. If those times are generally impossible for you due to your work schedule, I am happy to discuss alternate options that work for both of us. Please note that I am in Maine, on the East Coast of the U.S. — same time zone as New York. 

Q. Do I need to know anything about astrology to have an astrology session? 

A. Not at all! Just let me know on your intake form, so I can be sure to keep astro-lingo to a minimum. 

Q. I’d love to gift someone a session with you. What’s the best way to do that?

A. I offer gift certificates for soul work sessions and astrology sessions, as well as custom-amount gift certificates if you’d like to pay for part of a session or for more than one session. Contact me so we can discuss these options!