Are you: 


Curious to explore somatically? (In other words, through your emotional-physical connection, your energy field, and guided imagery.)

Feeling that other methods of healing and therapy aren’t quite getting to the root of an issue? 

Itching for some change, but something’s holding you back? 

Realizing that your reactions are not always in proportion to the situation or person, feel deeper/older, or seem to “run the show” even when you don’t want them to? 

Ready to set down baggage you’ve been carrying for too long, or which might not even be your own? 

In need of some compassionate listening, and someone to hold space for Spirit to enter the healing process? 

Not even sure what you want or need, but feel drawn to an intuitive approach? 

My soul work / somatic work sessions engage you in a dynamic dialogue that accesses levels of awareness not normally available through regular talk therapy. In the process, stuck energy, emotions, karma, and ancestral baggage can clear — allowing you to begin living from a more aligned place within yourself.

I offer these sessions remotely, via Zoom/Skype or by phone. (We can also work in person, but there’s no physical contact between us.) In dialogue with you during a session, I use my hands to check the information you give, and to check answers to yes/no questions. It’s a technique adapted from applied kinesiology, guided by intuition and Spirit. I’ve experienced this work for ten years as a client and have learned from master healer, lightworker, and teacher Elisa Novick.  

Soul work healing sessions last 60 minutes, and are $80.

Ready to get started? Need a little more info?

Contact me — or check out my FAQ page for additional details.