Astrology sessions

“I have run through this recording over the past day or two and am filled with a great sense of completion and tremendous appreciation for your astrological expertise and psychological insight. Your chronological approach vis-a-vis Chiron, Saturn, and Uranus aspects was particularly helpful and apt. A lot of integration happened and is happening in me as a result. Truly, a great reading and one that will continue to nourish over many months — if not years — to come. You directly addressed my comments and synchronized them with the astrology and meaning thereto. I am so very grateful.”

— L.S.

“In my session, we explored Chiron’s movement through my chart from birth, and, lo and behold, it was active at every major turning point in my life, and with a specific set of themes. I’ve found it entirely valuable to be able to understand a long-lived pattern from a new perspective and how it has reflected a certain path of influence in my life.”

— Sarah Taylor, Tarot reader and psychotherapist

“As an astrology student myself, I’m aware that the key to chart reading is not only in working with the abundance of information, but in noticing what is most relevant. This Amanda does with expert skill. She also possesses the gifts of humanity and wisdom that enabled her to receive my somewhat challenging history with equanimity as well as empathy. The session was friendly, constructive and deeply healing. I am truly grateful for her excellent insights and compassionate approach…”

— Amy Elliott

Soul work healing sessions

“I have had the pleasure to work with Amanda for the last two years now. For me, Amanda’s sessions have prevailed where traditional therapy has not. After each session, I feel focused, aligned, cosmic, spiritual, and grounded in the universe.”

— Client in Connecticut

“Amanda is a kind, compassionate, intuitive healer. In a short period of time, Amanda gently nudged and guided me to the source of my blocked energy; and then led me through a series of exercises to move that energy out of the way. This particular block is something that I had attempted to approach and resolve through counseling over the past few years, and I was never able to get there. I feel lighter, more enlightened, and better able to take next steps on my journey.”

— Bonnie in Virginia

“The [soul work] muscle-testing session I had with Amanda far exceeded my expectations. […] She asked questions in a way that sought insight without feeling invasive. I feel like I have a better understanding of what I need to work on with my life now and also gained confirmation of the things I already knew. Feeling the energy moving through my body during the session was the best part!”

—  Molly Donlan, reiki and crystal healer

“Amanda’s [soul work] muscle-testing technique is extraordinary in its potency and impact. It has a way of getting to the very core of an issue, of pinpointing the deep-seated feelings that can govern our experience of life without really being noticed or addressed. Amanda wields this method with expertise and skill; she is both professional and evidently compassionate, evoking total trust. I would heartily recommend this service to anyone seeking better self-knowledge, or indeed on any kind of personal journey. As far as I’m concerned, it’s an essential item in one’s healing toolkit.”

— Amy Elliott

“I felt a strengthening of my intuition, experienced a past life regression healing, and gained clarity of awareness that has stayed with me for months after my session. I can only attribute these harvestings from the depth Amanda was able to create and hold as a facilitator. She embodies an authentic, intuitive, intrinsic connection to spirit which allowed the channel of what was coming through. The [soul work] muscle-testing session was invaluable to feel so closely connected to myself, to spirit, to my Kapuna (ancestors), and to all the selves I have been before. This work reaches deep into the history of your soul and brings to light what you most need to see in order to evolve. Mahalo nui loa (heartfelt thanks) Amanda!”

— Malia’kekia Nicolini