Are you:


Seeking greater self-awareness?

Navigating a crisis, obstacle, or unexpected turning point?

Ready to approach life more creatively or from a new perspective?

On the cusp of a major life shift and needing some support?

Feeling stuck in a pattern, and need a way to re-frame your experience and move some energy?

When we frame a question or problem you have in the context of astrology, what had seemed to be random events in your life begin taking their place as parts of cycles that describe specific phases of growth and healing. That map points us to the turning points, opportunities, and potential challenges that are on their way for you (or have just arrived).

Best of all: this “map of you” also holds the clues for moving through whatever you’re dealing with in a way that is creative and constructive. You’ll discover opportunities to make choices that support your dreams, goals, and healing needs.

New Clients: For your first session with me, after I have your birth info and create your natal chart, I’ll research a few key astrological dates to ask you about ahead of our session. Your experiences at these times help me to understand how you’ve been living your astrology, and provide a solid foundation for interpreting what’s going on for you now and the most constructive ways to approach it.

Initial sessions for new clients typically last 75-90 minutes (usually 90). I offer a need-based sliding scale of $90-$120 per session, payable 24 hours before your appointment.

Previous Clients: Once we have the “Key Life Transits” info from your first session, we won’t need to repeat that process. Follow-up sessions for recent previous clients last 60 minutes. Astrology sessions occurring six months or less since your last one cost $80. If it has been more than six months, the $90-$120 sliding scale rates will apply, and your session will likely take 75-90 minutes.

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