Close-up of the heart of a golden daylily beginning to open. Sound like a metaphor for Venus stationing Rx in Leo? Photo by Amanda Painter.

“When you start doing the work you were born to do, you don’t feel passion. What you feel is that nothing is missing.”
— Barbara Sher
This quote from one of Barbara’s books crossed my path this morning, and it struck me as quite true. Our culture gets so hung up on people following their “passions,” but I think we overuse — maybe even abuse — this word. Not everyone has a singular passion driving them in life (or even several), and the messages we hear all the time about this concept often have the unwitting effect of making us feel like we’re not whole, or somehow deficient, or lost and clueless if we’re not passionately pursuing something.

A feeling of being at home in ourselves is incredible, and often hard-won. And I think it’s equally as important a sign of living fully as “passion” can be.

Something here also seems to relate to Venus stationing retrograde in Leo later this month… Leo relates to the heart, to courage, to compassion, to childlike playfulness, and also to ego, pride, and leadership.

Hmmmm… What’s really at the heart of living fully? Of bringing forth our true essence, our inherent solar light?

I plan to ponder this more as I look more closely at the chart for Venus stationing on July 22. Stay tuned.

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