Late afternoon sunlight is arriving earlier and earlier. Photo by Amanda Painter.

I intend to offer a closer look this week at the eclipses coming up very soon (the first one is Oct. 14!), and thought it might be helpful to get a sense of what area of life might come into focus with the first in the pair (which is a New Moon and solar eclipse in Libra). What follows are not horoscopes exactly; more like general hints to help you raise your awareness and notice where and how the current is flowing in your life. The idea is to try and move with that current as the eclipses arrive rather than try to buck it.

If you know what your rising sign** is, you can read that in addition to your Sun sign for another layer of information. (Your Sun sign is “your sign,” as people often put it: where the Sun was the day you were born. Your rising sign relates to the time of day when you were born. See the very bottom for more info.)  

ARIES: For you the Oct. 14 eclipse relates to partnerships of all kinds (romantic, business, friendships — even “enemies”), as well as events that don’t originate with you but with which you have to deal. Consider the partnerships you are fostering, as well as “relationship stories” that may need to be released as part of an active process of bringing yourself and those closest to you into better balance.

TAURUS: What’s ready to shift in your health and wellbeing routines, workflow (can it be streamlined?), or nutrition? Saturday’s eclipse may be opening up space in this realm of physical, day-to-day habits and workplace. Mental health could also be a focus. Either way, preparing to be your own agent of change will make it feel less annoying to ditch whatever has plateaued.

GEMINI: The Oct. 14 eclipse is stirring up your zone of creativity, playful risk-taking, exploration, romance and sex and vitality, and children. If an inner script has been tilting the balance of any of these experiences away from fun, allow the wind to carry it away like dandelion fluff — with assistance from a deep, intentional breath. Not only can play and purpose coexist, they feed each other.

CANCER: Your zone of emotional foundations, living space, and immediate family relations comes into focus with this weekend’s eclipse. These are important areas for you: potentially the ones where you are most protective and sensitive, yet also where you’re especially empowered to recognize whether the tide is ebbing or flooding, and to go with the natural flow.

LEO: The Oct. 14 eclipse draws attention to your writing, speaking, networking, and outreach activities. Contracts, local travel, immediate surroundings, and siblings could also feature prominently. Is there a haze of old ways of presenting yourself that’s ready to burn off, leaving a more balanced style of communicating and relating that lets you shine?

VIRGO: Notice if Saturday brings up questions or insights around your sense of value and self-worth, your deepest values and principles, the ways you are building confidence or skill-sets, or monetization (opportunities to earn money) and favorite possessions. Anything that tends toward “all or nothing” thinking in these realms may be up for rebalancing as you see those extremes for what they are.

LIBRA: With this weekend’s eclipse in your sign, your sense of self and identity is coming into focus. In a less abstract way, this can include your outward facing appearance and “image” as well as your physical body’s health. Even during a process of shedding or reorienting, chances are you can discern where the equilibrium sweet spot is, no matter how much it moves from where it was previously.

SCORPIO: Saturday’s eclipse occurs in your zone of interiority, unconscious, dreamscapes, reflection, and meditation. It’s also the space of both revelations and the unknown. Any layers of self currently ready to be sloughed off are likely the ones nobody else knows about anyway. So enjoy this permission to dive deep: water always finds its own level.

SAGITTARIUS: Your wider social sphere, teams, collaborators, and people you truly align with come into focus with the Oct. 14 eclipse. How do you tend to build community and collaborations? Do you stay connected to your ideals through the process? Something in these zones appears ready for release to allow better realignment or reshuffling.

CAPRICORN: Vocation or career calling, public reputation, and your sense of purpose line up with this weekend’s eclipse. These areas are your primary wheelhouse, yet do you feel a need for some extra space? The flip side to promotions and advancements is that something always gets left behind to allow you to keep climbing or building — it’s the natural balance.

AQUARIUS: The Oct. 14 eclipse calls to your love of learning, teaching, and expanding horizons. Spiritual seeking and distant travel also may be in focus. You’re no stranger to breaking with what had been previously set, as this eclipse may prompt. Consider how the messages beaming in and the messages you’ve been broadcasting might better align to serve the good of all.

PISCES: Your zone of deep transformation — complete with desires and/or fears around merging with others — is hosting Saturday’s eclipse. More tangibly, it’s also the space of investments, funding, and various forms of money and resources received from others. Consider whether you’ve been leaning hard into one side of the equation (fear to merge vs. desire to; receiving vs. giving), and see if an opportunity to recalibrate emerges.

**Not sure what your rising sign (Ascendant) is? Enter your birth date, time, and town & state at this website, and look in the upper-left corner of the resulting chart for the red text that says “Ascendant.”

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