Today and tomorrow look ripe for new insights, surprising ideas, and deeply intuitive impulses (especially while physically active or out in nature).

If you feel like something’s been weighing heavily on your mind or you’ve felt a little stuck in a particular way of thinking, notice if you feel better able to approach the topic or problem from a different direction these next couple of days. Keep an eye out for brilliant solutions coming from unanticipated sources.

Sculpture seen in a park in NYC, April 2022: a particularly apt image for Mercury (thinking, learning) conjunct Uranus (the unexpected and unusual) in Taurus (earthy, organic, growing things). Photo by Amanda Painter.

The planet of the mind and communication (Mercury) is plugging into the planet of unexpected “a-ha!” moments (Uranus). They’re meeting up in a conjunction in late Taurus, exact in the wee hours of tomorrow.

Taurus is not known for speed or pivoting on a dime. It tends to prefer the familiar. Mercury, on the other hand, is the fastest planet in our solar system (the Moon moves faster, but it’s not a planet). And Uranus often describes sudden jolts and the eccentric or erratic.

On its surface, this combination does not look like a “harmonious’ merging of qualities. Potentially the slowness of Taurus could inhibit acting effectively on new inspirations.

However, the steadiness of Taurus might actually be helpful in making truly productive use of any brainstorms or body-based signals and “gut feelings” — especially if they seem to come out of left field.

Planets are gathering in Gemini (which Mercury rules). So far the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter (which arrived from Taurus on May 25) are there. Mercury enters Gemini June 3.

In other words, the sky currently describes an increasing emphasis on split focus, “either/or” ways of experiencing the world, and “both/and” desires.

Gemini is generally a social energy, and is the last sign of Northern Hemisphere spring. Signs coming at the end of a season can feel a little looser. It’s as though we’re starting to unbutton an item of clothing in anticipation of taking it off as soon as we hang up the phone on the conversation we’re currently having.

Meanwhile, Mars in Aries is keeping the motor running. Volition is available to you once you identify the idea you want to pursue. Remember: action (energy) follows thought. Sometimes we need to shorten the lag time between idea and action so that we don’t miss its ideal moment; sometimes we need to slow down the process a touch to be sure we’re thinking clearly.

Which of those feels most true for you this week?

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