Playing with my macro lens this morning and a joyful bouquet of daffodils I picked at my mother’s house this weekend.

Heads up, folks! We have the first eclipse in a pair this Saturday, April 30. I’ll have more to say about it soon. But wanted to note a few things briefly today:

1. Did you have any thoughts this weekend that seem to point to a new (or newly acknowledged) “true north” for you, even if they indicate uncomfortable change may be called for to follow it?

2. Putting yourself “out there” in tangible ways (i.e., letting your life force come through your actions, or how you express yourself), even just in small ways, could have an unforeseeable ripple effect. 

3. A conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in Pisces suggests that yes, indeed, all you need is love. Relationships of all kinds can benefit from this undercurrent of optimism, unity, compassion, and goodwill this week. 

Follow your inclinations to share the good vibes, pay it forward, and offer your gifts without expectation of reciprocation. (It’s not that you won’t benefit; it’s that the *expectation* of return can easily sour the joy that comes from selflessly giving.) 

In fact, between this cluster of planets in Pisces (plus others there) and the planets in Taurus (ruled by Venus), any kind of creative/artistic activity is likely to feel good and receive a boost this week. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it’s about enjoying how it feels to play with the things that delight your senses. 

Like I said, an eclipse is coming! Eclipses offer opportunities to re-set patterns, and can feel like disruptions to your usual space-time continuum. Getting in the groove of making creative, aesthetically pleasing choices throughout this week will likely help you get limbered up in preparation.

Remember, “creativity” is just a more inviting way of saying “doing something differently for a desired effect, or to explore new options that support who you are.” In other words, it’s the playful version of “change.” 

I don’t know about you, but as a Taurus, I often experience “change” as a dreaded, traumatic imposition — that is, unless I feel like I’m choosing it myself, as a way to expand my creative expression or to support who I feel myself becoming. I’m noticing a need to keep reminding myself of this, over and over, lately.

With love, 

Amanda Painter

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