What are you handling well right now? Conversely, is there anything (from situations to machines) that feels like it's breaking down completely? Today's Sun-Pluto contact offers a key mid-eclipse-zone push and opportunity to check in with yourself.
Between the current eclipses, chances are you'll begin getting a clearer sense of how to move toward what you desire and align your steps better with your intention, and new options will emerge. Throughout Taurus season, your body and emotions could be quite informative, even if your mind feels like it's playing tricks on you.
What are you cultivating? If you look at where you've been directing your efforts lately, how you feel about them, and perhaps even the short-term fruits of those labors, do they align with what you say you want in your life?
Heads up, folks! We have the first eclipse in a pair this Saturday, April 30. I'll have more to say about it soon. But wanted to note a few things briefly today: