I wasn't expecting to feel so ungrounded now that the Sun has been in my sign -- earthy, sensual, steady Taurus -- since Friday. But this spring has been pretty amped up since it started. With a Full Moon, a stormy Mercury, and more thrown into the mix, there's a reminder here to discern what's really yours and listen to your body's clues.
Do you feel called to "stop the buck" on anything relating to your spiritual, mental, emotional, or energetic health? A need to get something in tangible order and to (re-)focus priorities? A sense of something interrupting the way things have been going for a while -- kind of like an intervention?
I find it a little incongruous to be finishing the astrological cycle nearly two months into the civil calendar's "new year." Yet maybe there's something about this timing that actually works in our favor, especially this year as the Sun enters Pisces.
Heads up, folks! We have the first eclipse in a pair this Saturday, April 30. I'll have more to say about it soon. But wanted to note a few things briefly today: