An unidentified couple preparing to leave their viewing spot on Pine Point Beach, Scarborough, Maine, after watching the Scorpio Full Moon rise tonight (April 23, 2024). Photo by Amanda Painter.

False starts have abounded for me today in trying to write about the Scorpio Full Moon (exact at 7:49 pm EDT tonight…so basically now, LOL) and Mercury almost at a standstill as it prepares to station direct Thursday morning (at 8:54 am EDT).

I probably should not be surprised by this! Yet somehow I wasn’t expecting to feel so ungrounded now that the Sun has been in my sign — earthy, sensual, steady Taurus — since Friday. But this spring has been pretty amped up since it started. And in addition to my own personal “stuff” that I’ve been trying to sort through as I approach my 50th birthday, this week’s astrology describes some heightening or agitation of the mental-emotional planes.

The couple of days before and after a Mercury station are called the “storm” phase for good reason: the themes represented by small-but-mighty Mercury come into high focus, often through miscommunication, mistakes, lapses in thinking, and so on. With Mercury in Aries, impulsivity of speech and thought could be especially problematic — along with how those actions inform your sense of who you are as a result.

Full Moons, as you likely have observed, tend to describe interpersonal situations with amplified emotions, often at loggerheads. Sometimes this involves a degree of projection of those emotions by one person onto another person or the overall situation. Spanning the signs Scorpio (where the Moon is) and Taurus (where the Sun is), anything relating to the physical-emotional connection, values, possessiveness, jealousy, loyalty, sex, secrets, and attachment or habit could be highlighted.

Here’s the catch, though: you might not recognize what piece is yours and what piece belongs to another person in any equation where these themes feel challenging. Partly that is suggested by the fact that a Full Moon involves the Moon reflecting the light of the Sun, rather than shining its own light.

Supportive contact to the Sun and Moon from the asteroid Juno in Virgo suggests there’s an opportunity or ability to be specific about your needs in a relationship and how you want to have them met, without getting critical about it.

This is when specificity can be used as a tool in service toward the greater good — by opening up the pathway for another person to understand us clearly — rather than as a weapon. But you have to wield that tool very carefully and consciously, and accept that even with the best intentions we can’t always protect another person from feeling criticized (guilty as charged, last night!).  

Note that Pluto in Aquarius is making a tense square to this Full Moon. What do you sense needs to fall away or be changed deeply? And can you bring compassion to the process (filling in for an absence of Leo planets), no matter how entrenched or habitual the situation?

Meanwhile, another factor is potentially making this week tricky: Mars is making a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces (exact April 29, but in effect now). You remember the movie “Dazed and Confused”? This looks to me more like “Diffused and Confused.”

Sure, it could describe heightened psychic and intuitive abilities if you tend that way, or idealistic, creative, or spiritual impulses and actions. But it could just as easily describe a dissipation of physical energy and motivation.

Mars energy generally functions best through clear, directed, constructive intention and action. Pisces and Neptune describe something more like floating in a warm bath while it’s foggy out. It’s a strange fit, but not impossible if you’re open to using your imagination (and then adjusting to reality once the fog has lifted).

Over the next week or two, consider asking yourself regularly:

– Do I really want what I think I want?

– Am I really frustrated for the reasons I think I am?


– What can I selflessly serve that is greater than I am? (For example: the environment! Every day SHOULD be Earth Day, after all.)

Finally, I have to note that Venus — planet of love, friendships, and receptivity — is conjunct the dwarf planet Eris (discord, chaos, and the “cast away” parts of ourselves) in late Aries. Mercury stationed retrograde near Eris on April 1, and was precisely conjunct it during the April 8 eclipse.

Did any part of you feel especially left out, pushed aside, or minimized around April 1 or April 8? Is that part of you speaking up again inside you this week? How can you show this part of yourself some love and compassion and inclusion? How can you give it a voice (Venus, via Taurus, ruling the throat and voice)?

If some kind of healing process (which may have included a healing “crisis”) was initiated for you during that first week of April, does it feel time for a next step?

What have you learned about yourself during the last three weeks, especially regarding the way you think about and communicate who you are and what you want? Have you been in review mode, or have you experienced any reversals in your thinking?

Finally, if you’ve encountered or experienced any Full Moon emotional intensity, it should begin subsiding later this evening. And by Thursday morning, as Mercury stations direct in the middle of Aries, keep your antennae up for any key tidbits of information that have been missing this month.

With love,


Simplified chart for the Scorpio Full Moon. Counter-clockwise from left: Moon in Scorpio; Pluto in Aquarius; Mars and Neptune in Pisces; lunar North Node, retrograde Mercury, Chiron, Venus, and Eris in Aries, the Sun, Uranus, and Jupiter in Taurus; Juno in Virgo; the lunar South Node in Libra. When Mercury stations direct on April 25, it will have only moved backwards another 5-6 arc minutes. The Moon will still be in late Scorpio when Mercury stations.

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