As you might guess from this photo, I couldn’t stop beaming as I viewed totality during the April 8 solar eclipse at the house of my friends Claudia (center) and Tom (not shown), along with other friends of theirs. Despite that Canon camera strap around my neck, I only took one photo of totality; it was so brief, I wanted to be as present to the experience as possible. As I mentioned earlier in the year, the spring eclipses, Mercury’s retrograde in Aries, and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus are all part of one big, high-energy process. Photo taken by Marianne O’Malley Sampson in Kingfield, Maine.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Uranus in Taurus is exact at 10:27 pm EDT this Saturday, April 20! (Roughly 36 hours after the Sun enters Taurus Friday morning.) This is one of the more significant astrological events of the year, coming close on the heels of last week’s total solar eclipse. Is it adding a little extra juice to some area of your life?

At the start of the year, I previewed this event in part by asking if you had a “big, bold vision for your life” (phrasing courtesy of Stephen Forrest), and suggesting there was an opportunity to get some wheels in motion over the last few months to move toward that vision.

If you’re still not sure what your “big, bold vision” is, don’t freak. You have time to recognize how the energy of this event may be showing up for you and to begin using it more consciously. There are a few different ways to think about the themes of Jupiter and Uranus “merging” in Taurus.

For one, this event could equal “something big suddenly happening.” (But that’s not the only way it could play out.)

Uranus is the planet of disruptions, awakenings, innovations, brainstorms, upsets, erratic actions, and reinvention. That alone describes the potential for something new to seemingly come out of nowhere and upend the status quo. But I don’t really recommend passively waiting for that, if you can help it.

Taurus, among other things, could be called the sign of “status quo.” It’s not a sign associated with quick pivots, flexibility, or randomness.

Yet Uranus has been zhuzhing up Taurus for a few years now: poking and prodding and sparking, and insisting that Taurus the bull chew some new cud (or at least chew it differently). So chances are pretty good that the part of your life represented by Taurus in your chart has been “under (re)construction” since around 2018 or 2019. Yet that process might not always be in focus for you.

Every once in a while, though, another planet comes along, connects with the “cosmic light socket” that is Uranus, and focuses its energy in a way that’s a little more recognizable or tangible. That’s partly what Jupiter is doing.

Also, every once in a while, Uranus moves enough that it may come into direct contact with a particularly sensitive planet in a particularly sensitive part of your chart. That’s another time when its themes can become more prominent for you in a specific area of your life.

(This is why getting an astrology reading can be so useful: the astrologer can look at what feels to you like a random event, help you connect the dots between it and the astrology, and then help you navigate its challenges or take advantage of its gifts.)

Now, Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Traditionally it has been associated with “good luck,” optimism, and similar benefits and blessings. Often, it still is.

However, “expansion” can cut both ways. My astrology mentors have always been careful to explain that Jupiter can expand whatever it touches, whether constructive or destructive.

Depending on where Jupiter is active in your chart, this could mean that it describes the magnification or exacerbation of something unpleasant, frustrating, or difficult. It could represent the intensification of certain habits and attitudes that a person struggles with, or a medical condition that’s not being treated consistently.

(In fact, with this event in Taurus, the sign of the body, you would be wise to give any physical conditions, injuries, changes, flare-ups and sensations your attention. It may signal a need for modern medical treatment; it may also signal a need for emotional or spiritual processing.)

Jupiter also describes ease, contentment, and feeling good. That can be wonderful! Alas, it can also relate to sliding into passivity just at the moment when a little effort on our part could engender really great results.

Think about it: how often have you taken action because it was just too uncomfortable to be still and wait for something better to come along?

Now, how often have you thought to yourself, “Ahhhh, this feels so nice. I should make myself uncomfortable by trying harder”?

So, part of the Jupiter challenge is to recognize its benefits and use those moments when things are going well to stretch a little; to create some opportunities for yourself (or to meet the ones that come your way with some action, rather than just assume they’ll fall into place on their own).

If you’re experiencing some Uranus-style disruption, you may find yourself with little choice but to pivot, look for the unexpected opportunity, and stretch. But if you’re not being surprised into a response, who or what can you tap to help you get motivated?

This brings me (sort of) to another important facet of Jupiter and Uranus:

As mentioned, they’re in an exact conjunction. All conjunctions are the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. (Just like how a New Moon is the end of one lunar cycle and the beginning of a new one. The Full Moon represents the peak/middle of the lunar cycle, and the same is true for any opposition between planets in their cycle relative to each other.)

A New Moon is a “seeding moment” for the new lunar cycle. Similarly, any other conjunction between two planets is a seeding moment for their cycle relative to each other and the themes they represent.

This is a big reason why I said, “don’t freak” if you have not formulated some big, bold vision for your life. You can still plant the seeds of awareness as you approach this weekend and begin feeling your way toward that vision. Jupiter and Uranus are both future-oriented energies, underscoring that their conjunction this weekend is not a final destination.

It’s an on-ramp to what’s next.

You can stay alert to what is unexpected, what is expanding, what your body and your five senses are telling you. You can stay alert to sudden insights and inspirations. You can give some attention to your finances, your possessions, your values, your voice, and your habits (since these are additional Taurus themes).

And…you can still get a Spring Astrology Breakthrough Reading with me if you’re eager to put these puzzle pieces together for yourself!  I would love to help you contextualize your lived experiences with this wild spring astrology.

Questions, comments, and DMs are all welcome.

With love (and wishing you some Jupiterian luck!),


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