Composite photo showing the total solar eclipse of November 14, 2012, as seen from aboard the cruise ship Paul Gauguin in the South Pacific near New Caledonia. “This sequence runs from lower right to upper left. During the partial phases before and after totality, the camera lens was covered by a safe solar filter. No filter was used during totality, which is about as bright as the full Moon and just as safe to look at. The background is an unfiltered, wide-field view of the ocean and sky during totality, showing sunrise/sunset colors along the horizon.” Photo by: Rick Fienberg / TravelQuest International / Wilderness Travel; used via Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 and sourced from

Happy Eclipse Day!

This is a special total solar eclipse because the Sun and Moon will be *precisely* aligned with the centaur planet Chiron: known for the themes of raising our awareness for the purposes of deep, soul-level healing.

Chiron can act like a lens, focusing our attention — sometimes through increasingly uncomfortable means. Eclipses, too, get our attention through their quality of interruption: the Moon and Sun interrupt each other’s normal phases. In Aries, these effects are coming through the sign of Self: the “I am” statement of the zodiac, and a symbol for the place where we begin our interactions with the world around us and begin discovering who we are.

So, today: rather than fretting about doing your eclipse viewing “just right” (well, do please follow all the safety guidelines for protecting your eyes), consider just allowing yourself to stay as fully aware as possible to your inner experience, your surroundings, the people you are with, the thoughts that cross your mind, the feelings that come up.

Notice what asks for your attention in a way you might not have been expecting. Follow the trail of breadcrumbs.

I wish you a beautiful day whether you’re able to see the eclipse or not. After all, astrologically speaking, we’re all in the “path of totality” together.

With love,


P.S. If your Sun sign does not resonate with you, try reading your rising sign! And if you don’t know what that is, please comment or message me.

P.P.S. Full chart for this eclipse is below the Pisces horoscope.

Horoscopes for the Aries New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse — April 8, 2024

ARIES — In “The Continuing Story of I Am Becoming” (to quote a mentor of mine), where is your focus being drawn most strongly now? If you were to say, “I am…” out loud, how would you finish the sentence? As you speak those words, do you notice any hesitation, second-guessing, fear, or confusion coming up, seemingly from some kind of blind spot in your psyche? You’re in a fantastic position to zero in on who you truly are at your core, and to take real steps in healing anything that has been getting in your way up till now. You don’t need to go out of your way to “find” this eclipse; it has already found you.

TAURUS — This eclipse is in the most hidden part of your chart (which really means the most hidden part of yourself). Dreams, intuitive hints, meditative states, indescribable reactions or synchronicities, your relationship with “god,” and similar channels into this veiled area are offering clues to a deep healing opportunity. It’s like taking the pinhole camera approach to viewing a solar eclipse: you can’t look directly at this part of yourself, but there are ways of projecting its contents into other parts of your awareness. When you start to sense the shape of things, you may need to release attachment to an idea of who you think you’ve been (or “ought to be”). Then you can become aware of — and embrace — all that you are.

GEMINI — What has been your story so far in terms of how you interact with the wider world? I’m talking about your community, work teams, and other spaces where the “general public” intersects with your personal social spheres. There’s a lot of activity for you in this zone, and possibly a lot of people to interact with. Yet something here is trying to get your attention on a specific facet of who you really are in this context — not what everybody else thinks or wants or says or does. The opportunity for healing here should allow you to better give the gift of your actual self to the world.

CANCER — Your zone of career, vocational calling, reputation, and goals is lighting up with activity. Do what you need to in order care for yourself, but resist the urge to withdraw into your shell completely — you’ll want to stay tuned in to that space of professional achievement. This eclipse is bringing something special to your awareness: an opportunity to heal your sense of self in relation to your life’s work. As you step into this process of self-actualization, notice over the next weeks and months how your sense of being at home “out there” expands to fit who you are becoming “in here.”

LEO — Everyone knows that Leos tend to love to be seen. So what does it mean for you when your symbol in the sky — the Sun — gets blocked from view in the middle of the day? This eclipse, perhaps more than most, is an invitation to notice what comes into clear, stark focus in relation to your inner spiritual life. Do you have one? Do you have some sense of a “higher self” or “higher power”? A soul’s path of growth and healing rarely matches more external signs of material or social achievement, which can make it harder to claim and integrate. You have an opportunity to move your awareness in that direction.

VIRGO — Who are you in your most merged, intertwined relationship(s)? You know, the kind where sex, shared money, power, secrets, surrender, or deeply complex emotions are involved. Have you ever felt like you kind of “go missing” in those situations? This eclipse is suggesting a robust opportunity to re-find yourself. Watch carefully for anything to do with these themes moving to the forefront of your awareness. You’ll have time later for analysis. For now, observe it as though it’s in the illuminated circle of a microscope, take notes, and gradually begin widening your field of view as more of yourself shows up.

LIBRA — Your zone of romantic partners, friends, business partners, and “enemies you’re aware of” is so crowded right now, it’s how I imagine some of the official eclipse-viewing events will look. It would be easy to focus only on all these others, making sure everyone has what they want and need, but you’d be missing the point. Whatever they show up with is really a big neon sign pointing directly back to you — actually, pointing within you. To use your relationships as a tool to heal and fully self-actualize means allowing them to help you see where you’re hurting or missing some piece of yourself. Then you can figure out how to show up and balance the scales.

SCORPIO — Exactly how many tasks, deadlines, self-care (or other) appointments, eclipse-viewing activities and companions, and so on do you have planned for Monday? Your zone of physical and mental health and wellbeing, daily tasks, and the workplace looks busy. More importantly, it’s where the eclipse shows up for you. Amidst all the noise, what is asking for your attention — either by metaphorically yelling or persistently whispering in your ear? Give it the focus it needs, tend to any healing needed, and see if you don’t start feeling more complete in your self over the coming months.

SAGITTARIUS — While this eclipse is highlighting your zone of play, pleasurable self-expression, sex for fun, and adventurous risks, it’s also functioning as a focusing agent. Amidst whatever you have planned with your many creative playmates, something different could filter into your awareness. It might not strike you as “fun” in a typical sense. But it could prove rewarding to that side of you that’s continually seeking truths about the universe and yourself. Actually, more than rewarding: it has the potential to help you heal something essential to who you are and why you’re here.

CAPRICORN — Is everyone showing up at your house for an eclipse party? I ask because your chart’s zone of literal home is hosting this eclipse, and I see lots of activity there. Yet it’s also the site of your inner sense of security and your emotional environment — especially the way the past relates to it. Eclipses are a disruption; as such, they bring the potential to shift your sense of where you thought you were going. This one is offering a chance to shift the way that you relate who you are to how you feel. Stay alert for which opportunities (or inconveniences) arriving on your doorstep hold this potential for healing.

AQUARIUS — You identify strongly with your ideas, and your ability to communicate them to those around you and act on them is a hallmark of your sign. These traits (thought processes, writing and speaking), the people you communicate with, and your local environment are all connected to the part of your chart where this eclipse falls. With Mercury retrograde there, too, even communication SNAFUs have the potential to bring your awareness to something key to your healing: a core truth about your wholeness, and your next phase of bringing that forth into the world.

PISCES — As much as you may think of yourself as identifying primarily with the groovy cosmic ocean of all experience, your chart suggests you find a significant sense of self in the things you own — everything from your art supplies, to your money, to your most valued principles. An eclipse in this zone always carries the potential to realign how you feel about yourself and what counts as “yours.” This one is more like a full chiropractic adjustment to your awareness. You’re being asked to get clearer on a longstanding misalignment so you can begin healing — and continue becoming.  

Full chart for the Aries New Moon and total solar eclipse. Even if you do not live anywhere near the path of totality, this event is packing some real mojo. Note the Sun, Moon, and Chiron, all at 19 degrees Aries and 24 arc minutes. That level of precision is significant in astrology! Note also that retrograde Mercury and dwarf planet Eris are sharing the same degree, suggesting this eclipse bears some message around how we think about parts of ourselves that have been (or feel) dismissed or “left out,” and healing that inner split. In Pisces, Mars is almost exactly conjunct Saturn (exact April 10), reminding us to concentrate our energy carefully and specifically to help avoid frustration with limitations. Jupiter and Uranus are also functionally conjunct (and will be exact April 20).

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