For this total solar eclipse the Sun and Moon will be *precisely* aligned with Chiron: known for raising our awareness for the purposes of healing. Chiron acts like a lens, focusing our attention, and I wrote these horoscopes to assist in that.
During the two weeks between a pair of eclipses life can feel like it speeds up or takes a sharp turn. You may be asked to notice what you no longer need to stay attached to, to choose your next step toward your vision with intention, and to stay loose enough to roll with the unexpected. Mercury stationing retrograde April 1 is adding some "interest" to the process.
Taking a walk Monday, I encountered several water striders zipping about the surface of a stream pool. As I watched, I had a fleeting thought about the concentrated burst of astrological activity arriving in about a week and a half. Something about the shadows, ripples, and reflections called to mind the upcoming Mercury retrograde and pair of eclipses, as well as ideas about how to move through them.