As the Full Moon approaches (it's exact tomorrow, May 23) do you find yourself racing toward a single goal, or too split in your priorities to make a move? Or are you dancing your way through the week? If you're dancing, how would you describe the dance?
I wasn't expecting to feel so ungrounded now that the Sun has been in my sign -- earthy, sensual, steady Taurus -- since Friday. But this spring has been pretty amped up since it started. With a Full Moon, a stormy Mercury, and more thrown into the mix, there's a reminder here to discern what's really yours and listen to your body's clues.
A few people I know have been experiencing major tech glitches this week. Meanwhile, I and a few others have had some major "get shit done" energy. Don't freak: the current astrology speaks to both experiences.
Each time I've thought about tomorrow's Full Moon or looked at the chart, some other layer of meaning has come to mind. Right now, I'm thinking about the ways it illustrates a situation I find myself in: one person's strong emotions (a mix of will, compassion, passion, and perhaps ego) running up against the shared vision of a small group in the question of how to reinvent ourselves to best serve a wider collective.
Saturday morning features an intriguing moment bringing together the astrological symbols of consciousness (the Sun), the subconscious (the Moon), and unseen, subterranean forces (Pluto) in an unusually precise alignment. Whatever emerges into consciousness then could carry a useful message.
Between the current eclipses, chances are you'll begin getting a clearer sense of how to move toward what you desire and align your steps better with your intention, and new options will emerge. Throughout Taurus season, your body and emotions could be quite informative, even if your mind feels like it's playing tricks on you.