So, it turns out that my beloved was not the only person this week suffering from incredibly frustrating tech and customer services experiences! I just saw a post from an acquaintance who was having similar experiences that threw her way out of alignment (energetically/emotionally/spiritually speaking). She was asking astrology-savvy friends if something was up with the planets that could describe this. In case you’ve been having a similar week, below is an expanded adaptation of my answer to her:

My beloved and me with a heart-shaped puddle in 2021 at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Photo by Hal Cohen.

My bet as an astrologer is Mercury in Aquarius moving into a square with Uranus in Taurus. It’s precisely exact later tonight & has been building this week.

Mercury is the planet of the mind and communication. It can function as “the trickster,” and right now it’s in a sign that is co-ruled by Uranus itself, which represents sudden disruptions & surprises. Sometimes I call it “the cosmic sparkplug.” So that’s kind of a double-whammy already.

Aquarius and Uranus also have close associations with technology. And Taurus, of course, is a sign that generally prefers for things to go the way they usually do and tends to find disruptions especially…disruptive. (Trust me on this one, I’m a Taurus… 😉 ) A square aspect describes (inner) tension and the need to take some kind of action to resolve it.

But Taurus is also known for its stubbornness. Lord knows I watched my beloved get stuck in some truly unproductive stubbornness on Wednesday — Valentine’s Day.

He was trying so hard to take action to resolve things with his new computer that was not functioning properly, but kept meeting the same results. For what felt like FOREVER, he wouldn’t take the one action that had a chance of solving things: communicating (Mercury) to his friends and community (another Aquarius theme) to see if anyone with more expertise in the matter could help.

It was hard to witness my intelligent, creative partner get so stuck in his thinking that he “should” be able to figure things out on his own.

All I could do was keep offering the same advice, “Love, please just reach out to your computer-savvy friends!” I even posted a Valentine’s-themed non-rhyme to try and drum up some assistance. (Eventually he did ask for help, and received exactly the information he needed — after exploding at his computer. Uranium is named after Uranus for a reason…)

On top of the Mercury-Uranus situation, Mars has been cozy with Pluto in Aquarius all week, with Venus getting closer and closer. This describes another layer to the sense of intensity.

Mars-Pluto in particular represents big energy for getting shit done. This was the wave I was riding through this week, focused and determined to do the hard work to get a grant written for a non-profit group I’m part of (“the good of the collective” being another Aquarius theme). Thankfully I was spared the tech frustration.

As I alluded to in my short post on Monday, Mars-Pluto could also describe digging into a project only to meet with power issues, particularly if one’s ego is any kind of factor. (I’m curious: did anyone reading have that kind of experience?)

I saw a couple of people on another thread identifying Pluto in Aquarius as the culprit this week, but by itself that feels like less of a factor to me (unless it’s in direct contact with something in your chart) since Pluto moves so slowly. I see it more as a factor this week thanks to the contact from Mars & Venus, which bring Pluto in on a more personal & tangible level.

Venus just entered Aquarius practically jut after 11:00 am today, and it is conjunct Pluto (precision conjunction is in the wee hours tomorrow). Venus-Pluto generally describes emotional intensity (especially in relationships, Venus being the planet of love), though in Aquarius that intensity can feel a little more intellectual. One translation of that might be “obsession” — whether with a person or a group, or with an idea of them.

Or perhaps getting a little fixated on an Aquarian tech question on our culturally official “day of love”? Hmmmm…

Although the Venus-Mars-Pluto configuration is not in contact with Mercury-Uranus (they are much later in their respective signs), it definitely brings in extra resonance thanks to the signs involved. It describes another layer of personal experience feeling like it’s running up against (or even being swallowed by) something larger and seemingly more powerful.

I had a moment of being frustrated with myself that I was too busy to write about this astrology earlier in the week and give a heads up. But I wouldn’t have had the lived/witnessed experience or the experience of my acquaintance to inform me at that time. Sometimes astrology is just as useful in hindsight, after we’ve gained enough emotional distance from a situation to see the lessons and incorporate them. After all, how can we learn from an experience before we’ve had it?

With love to you this Valentine’s Week — please be gentle with yourself.


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