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I’ve written a fresh batch of horoscopes below for the Aquarius New Moon, which is exact on Friday, Feb. 9, at 5:59 pm EST. Try reading your rising sign as well as your Sun sign for a second perspective that might ring even truer for you (and comment or message me if you’re not sure what a rising sign is, or how to find out yours).

I also have some general thoughts on this New Moon (and a simplified chart is below the horoscopes):

** If you caught my Facebook Live videos in January about this year’s upcoming astrology, you might have heard me mention a meet-up of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus in late April. One take on that event is that it’s a chance to make some moves toward a big, bold vision for your life (with thanks to astrologer Stephen Forrest for that phrase).

The Sun and Moon are ringing the bell of that event thanks to their position in Aquarius, which puts them in contact with Uranus this week. Don’t be surprised if something comes through for you (consciously or unconsciously) that helps to seed the vision you’re formulating, turns it on its head, or provokes you to come at it from a new direction. (Or do be surprised… because that’s how Uranus works…)

** There’s a set of channeled symbols for each degree of the zodiac, called the Sabian* symbols. The symbol of this New Moon is, “A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life.” It comes with a keynote, written by Dane Rudhyar, that reads, “The capacity to meet emotionally upsetting experiences in human relationships with strength of character and personal integrity.”

Of course, this could easily relate to any upsetting disruption described by the New Moon in aspect to Uranus. But I’d be remiss if I did not speak a little to the “emotionally upsetting” state of the world right now.

We’re being faced with too many violent events around the globe, often with one group pitted against another (Aquarius is the sign of groups) and too many ways that our technology is making it worse, from social media and AI to weapons that let us kill from a distance (Aquarius also relating to technology).

With Uranus stirring things up in the sign representing our values, our bodies, and our wealth (Taurus), I’d love to see us all come out of this New Moon with creative new ideas for how we can value each others’ lives more tangibly — and then act on those ideas.

We’re a resilient species in the face of tragedy. Sometimes we need a phase of detachment to access that resiliency…and sometimes we need a reminder that resiliency also suggests a process of coming back into connection and engagement with ourselves, with each other, and with the world.

With love,


*Each of the Sabian symbols expresses a theme associated with cycles of transformation for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Perhaps the most well-known version (and the one I use) is Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala.

Horoscopes for the Aquarius New Moon — Feb. 9, 2024

ARIES — You seem to be winding down a cycle of interactions with a particular social circle. Of course, every ending is also a beginning, and that’s usually the part that gets you more excited. Yet before you leap ahead, it appears something that matters greatly to you is throwing a curve ball. Or are you consciously choosing the unexpected and unusual? Either way, pause with the New Moon and notice your response. Recent events seem to be boosting how you feel about yourself, and that’s opening the door to learn more. You can trust your ideas right now, especially when it comes to sharing your gifts with others (and who those “others” should be), since these thoughts are backed by your deepest values. It’s all part of a gradual, longer-term process of reshaping your networks to better align with who you’ve become. As someone new energizes (or irritates!) your world next week, remember that mutual benefit is always a sound social principle by which to live, co-create, and share.

TAURUS — Consider the word “regroup.” If you’ve been feeling at all scattered, delayed, or misdirected in any of your professional or vocational aspirations, Friday’s Aquarius New Moon could be key for beginning to reassemble that area of your life. On one level, it’s an opportunity to slow down enough to reflect inwardly. You’re in an extended process of reinventing yourself, and creative processes can get a little cluttered. That messiness can start to feel like defeat without a little time and space to get perspective. On another level, the sign Aquarius literally represents groups; offering a reminder to let others in on your goals so they can support your pursuit of them. You might be surprised by who’s on board, especially if you’re actively seeking “unusual” changes. The time is ripe for your most optimistic ideas, and the universe is charging up your battery. Use this week to sort out the details, then put your Taurean tenacity to work.

GEMINI — You appear poised to embark on a new journey. But is this literal, long-distance travel or more of a spiritual trek? Either way, something is sparking in your unconscious this week, urging you to stay loose and spontaneous when it comes to your itinerary (literal or metaphorical). If a disruption seems to come out of nowhere, consider that particular blind spot carefully. You may not be able to see into it directly, but the nature of what is hidden there will show itself by your reaction to it. Indeed, it’s your reactions to upsets and to brilliant flashes of intuition that will point to your next steps. Consider them a trail of breadcrumbs along your path of self-knowledge wherever you find yourself exploring, whether emotionally, intellectually, or geographically. Dreams during this New Moon may also offer helpful signposts. As your ambition for this quest gets energized next week, you’ll be glad you paused this week to notice.

CANCER — You’ve likely observed how your energy levels cycle through each month. All things being equal, you might really enjoy slowing down this week…except…it looks like a social situation could be provoking feelings of impatience with that idea. You’re in the process of reworking how you show up publicly and live your gifts and ideals, and it’s possible a bolt from the blue (or from a friend) will offer just the insight you need for your next move. At the same time, however, a more private matter is asking for your attention, specifically finances, a close partnership, or some inner emotional or psychological shift. Are the two connected? If you can give yourself the time and space, it should become clearer what kind of cycle is ending, how best to move into the next one, and who truly has your back as you sort it out. That way, next week’s rising energy can be put to better use. Remember: sometimes the best solutions are the most unorthodox, or arrive “inconveniently.”

LEO — Your focus lately has likely been on others, or perhaps one specific “other.” That does not necessarily mean a romantic partner, though it can; a working partnership, buddy, consultation with an “expert,” or even someone you’ve come into conflict with may fit the bill. The thing to notice is how their ideas (or your ideas about them) are helping you to understand yourself better, especially regarding certain developments in your career. You’re learning something about your goals and what you are (or are not) willing to do to reach them, and it seems a lesson coming through a one-on-one relationship might turn that on its head. Don’t let it throw you. Instead, harness the creative potential that’s being unleashed and get someone to help you formulate a plan. Two heads are better than one right now, especially if the other head can bring some detached objectivity, structure, and inventiveness to something you’re taking very personally.

VIRGO — Have you noticed the way “self care” has gone from being a helpful reminder or a gentle granting of permission to yet another overbearing social mandate? If that’s how you’re feeling it, this New Moon may help you to pare it back to a more spacious and individualized concept. I mention this because your zone of health and wellbeing is getting a little busy. Sometimes we need to “do” to keep ourselves balanced; other times it’s in “not doing” that we find what we need. You get to make the call. As you listen for your answer, keep one (inner) ear cocked for especially foreign, eccentric, or spiritual insights. It could arrive by quite mundane means: a substitute yoga instructor offering teachings they learned while traveling; flipping to a random page in a book and having exactly the sentence you needed to read jump off the page. Startling as this may be, it could serve you and those around you well in the coming weeks.

LIBRA — While this time of year is when you generally pursue pleasure and adventure with the greatest gusto, this is the week to pause and catch your breath. (If you’re having any challenges with kids, or just trying to keep up with them, that goes double.) It doesn’t need to be a long pause, but it could be an important one. A pair of cycles are coming to a close — one a year long, and one a month long — and this poses a question: how have your creative projects, playfulness, or healthy risk-taking changed you in that time? And how has discipline supported that process? You might be surprised by how you answer, especially if finances, other shared resources, or joint control of a situation have become unpredictable. Yet you appear to have some ingenious solutions up your sleeve. If they’re currently big-picture visions, see if you can get more specific over the next few days. Treat it like a game, and you’ll feel more empowered.

SCORPIO — Where do you feel most secure, Scorpio? Is it at home, or in another place that functions as a familiar base of operations? Chances are that’s where you’ve preferred to be the last few weeks, sorting through some personal matters. Yet this week it appears that someone or something is interrupting the process. If you can move past any annoyance or resentment you my feel in response, you may find yourself inspired by the intrusion. Kind of like when one artist witnesses another artist take their work in a radical new direction, and then feels sparked to shake up their own approach. If you’re feeling distressed instead, that could be a clue to pause and listen quietly for a deeper emotional link to a past event. Airing it out can help you finally let it fade away with the waning Moon, opening space for your energy to be put to more constructive use internally. That’s also true externally, as home-improvement urges may surge next week.

SAGITTARIUS — Have you been feeling busy lately, with everything from neighborhood events to a flurry of emails to new ideas asking for attention? On the one hand, you may be enjoying the variety. On the other hand, it might be time to press “pause” briefly. Your resilience is legendary. However, so too is your ability to scatter your energy if there is no primary target you feel called to aim for. Friday’s New Moon represents a chance to listen more than you speak, no matter how much you have to say to others. What you hear could be key to your ability to restructure some part of your health or work routines in a way that’s creative, exciting, and refreshingly unusual, even for you. Don’t discount the positive effect this could have on your mental health, and therefore on those around you. Enlist help solidifying the details of your best ideas, and get ready for the pace to pick up considerably next week as you pursue them.

CAPRICORN — Are you using your resources (money, objects, and skills) to help you to grow and connect with others in the ways you care about most? Or do you feel like everything you do is focused on solidifying what you have? You’re being offered a moment of reflection with this New Moon. Yet it might not be “quiet,” per se. In fact, the more willing you are this week to risk a little discomfort or disorder in the pursuit of some pleasure and adventure, the more likely you are to make an important discovery. What you learn could be vital in helping you steer toward a bold vision you’re beginning to formulate for your life. You’ve been hard at work for weeks. Soon you’ll need to turn that energy toward expressing your deepest values, including the non-material ones. The more you can see your worth as separate from what you own or believe, the freer you’ll feel to roll with the unexpected and use it all as building material.

AQUARIUS — What are some of your biggest, most exciting ideas about who you are and who you can be? You appear to have the ability to move toward them and express them this week, thanks in part to supportive changes you’ve been making in your home. Just remember that the details matter as much as the dream. Even unexpected disruptions seem to be offering benefits, as you discover just how much more solid you can feel within your own skin. The Feb. 9 New Moon in your sign is opening a window into a truth often glossed over when speaking about Aquarius: that your disappointments in humanity may spur your continual innovations just as much as your unfettered imagination. It’s a form of emotional resilience. Taking time Friday and Saturday to connect with it could help you harness a potential power surge next week consciously and humanely, especially if any opposition to your ideas should emerge.  

PISCES — Putting the phrases “inward journey” and “creative experimentation” in the same sentence is probably enough to get you leaping for your favorite secluded nook where you can sink into yourself. You’ve likely had to learn how to create physical and psychic boundaries so that you’re not overrun by others’ energies. Yet this week, there’s a potentially productive source of “disturbance” in your immediate environment. If you can stay open to harnessing it, there’s a chance it’ll provoke exciting new insights around the time of the New Moon. You might even invite “disturbance” in by going about some kind of meditative practice in a new way. Your impulse to explore your unconscious appears super-charged, but assertively trying to communicate what you learn could be tricky for the next several days. Staying in a space of curiosity and wonder may help your ideas land better with others — and within yourself.

Simplified chart for the Aquarius New Moon. I don’t mention by name all of the objects shown in the post above, but their energy is in the mix. Starting at the top of the chart and moving clockwise: Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus; Saturn in Pisces; the Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in Aquarius; Mars, Venus, and Pholus in Capricorn; Juno in Virgo; Vesta in Gemini.

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