Has your week gotten off to an interesting — start? We’re heading for a New Moon in Aquarius on Friday that may offer some midwinter stirrings, and that energy is in play already. It’s a great week to shake up your routine and *intentionally* do things differently, especially if you’re feeling at all restless.

This relates to the Aquarius Sun in a “tense” relationship to Uranus in Taurus. The Sun represents our life force and consciousness; Aquarius relates to disrupting old forms so new ones can take shape. Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus, “the Awakener,” which is in a long process of disrupting the routines and habits represented by Taurus.

In other words, we’re kind of getting a multilayered dose of these “do things differently” themes. And the angle the Sun and Uranus are making to each other describes a need to take action to resolve some sense of inner tension — a.k.a. “restlessness,” or a sense of pent-up energy looking for a new outlet.

Questions to ask yourself to help you be creative and productive rather than simply disruptive:

⚡️WHY do you need to do things differently? (Is it simply a nameless urge — which is perfectly fine — or is there some underlying issue that’s finally coming into focus, and you’re ready to address it?)

⚡️HOW will it improve your situation or experience?

Simply answering, “It will feel better” is all you need for a reason, especially if you won’t really be impacting anyone else as you diverge from your “usual.”

That said, if you might impact others significantly, a little consideration as you get “creative” with your actions could go a long way. None of us is operating in a vacuum.

Also, you may find that other people following their “it will feel better” urges could catch you off guard, so trying to expect the unexpected could be useful this week.

View of snow-covered Mt. Washington from a favorite home-town spot. Photo by Amanda Painter.

Finally, if those questions above feel relevant to you, there’s support from Mercury, which entered Aquarius this morning, in a conjunction to Pluto. These planets together describe intense, penetrative thinking and a desire to get down to the bottom of a matter.

Mercury conjunct Pluto can also describe getting a little obsessive about an idea or a little strong in one’s attempts to get a point across to others, so keep an eye on that.

(My partner can attest to this effect. He and my brother thought it was hilarious yesterday as I would NOT let go of my indignance that the dropper for a liquid supplement I’d gotten for my mother was not pulling up the amount of liquid the label said it would — trying over and over — to the point of my being incapable of registering the ways my partner was trying to translate the dosage into easier terms. Oops!)

Let me know in the comments if you find yourself experiencing any of these themes, and how you’re moving through it all!

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