Coyote tracks crossing the pond near my home, intersected by a dainty set of bird tracks near the shore. Photo by Amanda Painter.

Each time I’ve thought about tomorrow’s Full Moon or looked at the chart, some other layer of meaning has come to mind. Right now, I’m thinking about the ways it illustrates a situation I find myself in: one person’s strong emotions (a mix of will, compassion, passion, and perhaps ego) running up against the shared vision of a small group in the question of how to reinvent ourselves to best serve a wider collective.

The Leo Moon would be the representative of compassion, pride, and will, the Aquarius Sun the group’s potential for reinventing itself.

Surprisingly, I am seeing someone else in the Leo Moon position in this situation, their emotional fullness and sensitivity seeming to go beyond their usual compassion, instead galvanizing into a certain willful stubbornness. I say “surprisingly” only because the Moon often represents subconscious emotional tides, which can only really be known within ourselves.

Yet the dynamic is not solely external to me, either. Jupiter, squaring the Sun and Moon from early Taurus, seems to be amplifying and exacerbating the sense of stalemate in the situation, as well as my own inner sense of tension around how best to respond.

Do I insist on the power of the group to democratically overrule the outlier? Do I allow the one to have their way, as a means of facilitating our collective ability to move forward somehow, even if it does not seem the ideal move? Do I just hang out in limbo, hoping that the situation somehow resolves itself as the Full Moon wanes?

Given that the Moon reaches its peak of fullness exactly opposite the Sun at 12:54 pm EST on Thursday, waiting things out is not out of the question. Yet that does not necessarily make it the best answer. At times there is much to gain by allowing intensity to ebb before taking a direct stand. Other times, waiting merely prolongs the inevitable and exacerbates frustrations.

As the Moon moves into position, it will oppose Pluto in the wee hours of the morning. This suggests that interpersonal conflicts could offer potentially profound insights into oneself, as well as insights into “the other.” Dreams could be the conduit for this understanding — but will we remember what we learn when we wake up?

The Leo Moon opposite the Aquarius Sun also strikes me as a call to be willing to be visible socially — not for personal glory, but for the purpose of becoming available for genuine connection. When we align with those who share our ideals for humanity, tremendous benefit becomes possible for all.

However, it’s hard to align with something that can’t be seen. When the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, it illuminates the landscape around us while simultaneously allowing us to better see the Moon itself.

What is becoming visible to you this week, both in your social environment and in your own inner emotional landscape? Is it a personal situation similar to my own? Is it some matter of domestic politics or an international humanitarian crisis? Where do you perceive a stalemate, and in what ways do you feel compelled to address the tension (or not)?

The Sun’s position in Aquarius during this Full Moon is associated with the phrase “transpersonal responsibility,” and the ways that an individual can play an essential, symbolic role in releasing collective power. In other words, a responsibility to work in a capacity that goes beyond personal identity, so that the social sum can add up to more than its parts.

In writing this out, I think I may be sensing glimmers of how to view my own situation as something more than just personal preferences holding up a group decision. I think I may need to sleep on it, though.

How about you?

With love,


P.S. The Leo Moon and Aquarius Sun will be exactly square the positions they had during the lunar eclipse and Taurus Full Moon this past Oct. 28. Jupiter is within a degree of that spot, and was there precisely on Dec. 31. You might try thinking back to those dates. What was initiated in late October that is now reaching a turning point (or possibly some kind of peak) in your life? And did it get amplified around Dec. 31 (or did your receive some assistance or a sense of ease)?

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