An enhanced view of Pluto taken by the New Horizons Spacecraft during its flyby in July 2015.
Image credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ./APL, Southwest Research Inst. — via NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Saturday morning features an intriguing moment bringing together the astrological symbols of consciousness (the Sun), the subconscious (the Moon), and unseen, subterranean forces (Pluto) in an unusually precise alignment. 

This leads me to ask: When something catches your attention in the course of a day — such as a synchronicity, an unusual hiccup or snag in routine processes, or an unexpected blessing — how do you respond?

Do you simply smile or sigh or curse, and then get on with things? Do you take it as “an omen,” whether for good or ill, and immediately adjust course accordingly? Do you get inwardly curious to see what the occurrence and your response to it can tell you about yourself — how you can learn from it, grow with it, incorporate it into your self-awareness better?

I think we may get one of these opportunities this Saturday, Jan. 20. At 8:46 am EST, the Sun makes its final exact conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn (they are functionally conjunct now).

Their rendezvous occurs in the final arc minutes of the final degree of Capricorn (29° Capricorn 59′); that’s a little like something happening in the final second of the final minute of a day.

One way to think of the Sun conjunct Pluto is that something hidden emerges into consciousness. Given the flavor of Capricorn, it might relate to ways that you’ve “always” experienced some facet of life (or of yourself), or how you’ve gotten used to structuring or building things.

Just 21 minutes later, the Sun enters Aquarius at 9:07 am EST — heralding the middle sign of the winter season.

And then in the evening of Jan. 20, at 7:51 pm EST, Pluto enters Aquarius (in September it’ll back out into Capricorn briefly and then enter Aquarius again in November). 

I also want to note that at the moment the Sun conjoins Pluto exactly, the Moon will be in the final degree of Taurus, precisely trine the Sun and Pluto — off by a mere five arc minutes. That is really, really precise, given how quickly the Moon moves.

A trine is a harmonious aspect, indicative of support and ease. In this case, with the Moon in Taurus, it describes ease in understanding — in an emotional, intuitive, and embodied way (perhaps even literally through physical sensations) — whatever the Sun and Pluto are describing.

This connection between earth signs also suggests that any “messages” coming through are likely to be grounded, practical, and actionable — whether materially or (equally likely) in some inner emotional or spiritual way.  

Although the Sun and Pluto are not conjunct for very long (and the Moon’s contact is even briefer), Pluto always speaks of depth — and of change. Whatever you’re occupied with this weekend, plan to get deeply involved. It might relate to a material object, an interpersonal situation, a project, something in your environment, or something within yourself.

Hermes — an asteroid named after the Greek messenger god — is also very closely conjunct the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. It seems to describe intelligence on the level of cleverness.

Or, in my reading of Saturday morning’s astrology: being willing to look (and feel) under the surface of something to get the full message. This might take some genuine cleverness (such as spotting a synchronicity). It might require you to pause and notice what’s popping up, coming through, or being revealed (intuitively, emotionally, or literally) and then reflect on it.

Pluto’s approximately sixteen-year run through Capricorn has manifested in profound change on the global, collective level. Quite possibly these last sixteen years have also witnessed deep, almost cellular-level changes in you, as well.  

If the Sun and Moon are indeed swinging by Pluto together to offer some kind of capstone message on the last decade-and-a-half of breaking down and building back up, I hope I notice it and understand it on whatever level I need to. May you as well.

With love,


For those who appreciate a visual: I’ve isolated the Sun, Moon, and Pluto to highlight the degree and arc minute numbers. Not shown: Hermes closely conjunct the Sun and Pluto in the final degree of Capricorn.

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