Saturday morning features an intriguing moment bringing together the astrological symbols of consciousness (the Sun), the subconscious (the Moon), and unseen, subterranean forces (Pluto) in an unusually precise alignment. Whatever emerges into consciousness then could carry a useful message.
Welcome to the first New Moon of the New Year! I've written horoscopes for the 12 signs (read for your rising sign, too!) to help you reflect and get the year off to a strong start.
The Sun enters Capricorn at 10:27 pm EST tonight. Happy solstice! How are you observing the shortest day and longest night? I am aware of how difficult it has been for me to find my own sense of "standing still" this week, this day.
The Sagittarius New Moon and Mercury's station retrograde in Capricorn are combining in some powerful (and potentially challenging yet enlightening) ways during an especially intense time of year. Hopefully these horoscopes for your Sun sign and rising sign will help you discover some worthwhile insights as we navigate the next few weeks.
Eclipses are a disruption in the typical lunar-solar relationship, and disruptions can feel a little choppy. This eclipse in particular appears to describe releasing self-inflicted restrictions to come into better balance with who you are becoming.
Pluto compels us to look deep, look hard, and address thoroughly anything that is no longer working, has never really worked, or is not cut out to support our long-term evolution. A recent experience coinciding with Pluto retrograding from Aquarius back into Capricorn brought this into focus for me.