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Welcome to the first New Moon of the New Year! Although the civil calendar’s change from one year to the next does not coincide with any annual astrological “restart,” its weight in our cultural consciousness still has some power.

As it just so happens, having Mars in early Capricorn offers some actual stick-to-itiveness to your intentions and goals for the first six weeks of 2024. The key is to just take the first step, and then recognize what next step is is available to you. You don’t have to have the whole path or process mapped out.

I’m not offering an overview of the New Moon chart here, but for those who like to know the astrology specifics, here’s some of what I’m looking at as the Sun and Moon come together in the Capricorn. Most notably, this New Moon is trine Uranus in Taurus (new self-discoveries made in new ways, constructive and surprising changes).

The Sun and Moon are also opposite an asteroid called Apollo (going against the odds, attraction of familiar crises) in Cancer; square the north lunar node and asteroid Siwa (Scandanavian fertility goddess) in Aries; and square the south lunar node and asteroid Urania (seeing the big picture) in Libra. Mars (energy, aggression, desire) is in early Capricorn, where it generally works very well.

The Sabian symbol* is “A relay race” for the 21st degree of Capricorn (20 degrees and 44 arc minutes), where the New Moon is — bringing in the energy of dynamic interchange, and the kind of competition that fosters group cooperation.

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P.S. You can also read these horoscopes for your rising sign (ascendant) as well as your Sun sign. If you don’t know your rising sign, you can either plug in your data (birth time, date, and location) at this website or message me and I’ll look it up for you.

Horoscopes for the Capricorn New Moon — Jan. 11, 2024

ARIES — A professional project or cycle is coming to a close. Yet the things that matter most to you appear to be inspiring unusual and exciting new ideas for what’s next in that realm. Even so, it’s possible a frustratingly familiar sense of, “ugh, not this again” may be sneaking in. Is it an old emotional habit you thought you’d finally learned from and banished? Or maybe something more literal in your home space — like a wall where you keep wishing for a window? You appear motivated to pursue your calling with extra vigor once the Moon begins waxing. Bet on yourself, and welcome the collaborators who show up as what’s completed becomes compost for new growth.

TAURUS — You’ve been in a process of self-reinvention and experimentation for a few years now. While not all developments have been fun, chances are you’re getting the hang of navigating the unexpected. This New Moon offers a moment to reflect on your spiritual practices and pursuit of knowledge, which allow you to find and express the meaning of it all. Welcome any spark of inspiration to do something differently if it feels right, since your intuition likely knows best — no matter what tired form of resistance or crisis of faith may pop up momentarily. Far-off friends in particular could help spur your determination and enthusiasm to keep learning and sharing.

GEMINI — Thursday’s New Moon represents one phase ending and a new one beginning — likely regarding shared resources, or in a sexual situation where you’ve merged closely. Depending on how entwined things are, trying to “own” what’s yours could feel like it’s going against the odds. Yet your intuition seems to be hinting at a new way to go about that. True, “new” can feel “scary.” But as a Gemini, you’re naturally talented at holding opposing ideas in mind. Leaning on your social networks could help you find the breakthrough. If your situation (or someone getting involved) is especially irritating, let it motivate you to address things directly not secretly

CANCER — As you reflect on a partnership or specific one-on-one encounter this week, notice if you start to identify yourself as a “slow learner.” You’re not, of course; crabs just make their way sideways, and our culture does not always prize how this enables you to understand the cycles you move through. You’re seeding a professional breakthrough of some kind, and a creative new way to share it publicly is opening up. Yet it appears that someone who’s fired up has recently emerged on your horizon. If they’re looking for a confrontation, sidestep the energy but not the issue. If they’re just excited, let their enthusiasm fuel your actions in the coming weeks.

LEO — You’re a hard worker who also embraces rest, and early winter tends to bring your attention to how your overall wellbeing is faring in the mix. For the next several weeks you appear to have the energy and motivation to actively address any health issues. That said, New Moons are lower-energy phases. If you can pause this week you’ll stand a better chance of sensing something hiding in an emotional blind spot that you’ve run up against time and again. It holds a key to translating your daily efforts into the unique goal drawing you forward, and doing so in a surprising way. The tension between stasis and action is fertile with potential insights. Lean in and learn yourself.

VIRGO — Who’s showing up to play and create with you? Do they seem more daring or diligent than you tend to feel? Rather than comparing yourself, consider borrowing their energy and riding their enthusiasm in the coming weeks. For now, clock what projects you’re finishing up and what you’re learning from them, since something in your social spheres may be confronting you with a recurrent frustration. Getting more curious about it — philosophically and practically — might unveil some surprising discoveries about yourself. Any creative effort, including self-actualization, requires careful discernment between what’s fertile compost and what can be flushed.

LIBRA — What’s happening at home? On one level it looks like you might be finishing a major round of upgrades and gearing up to start the next phase. On a more internal level, the planets are pressing the “pause” button so you can regroup emotionally. Something related to your career or life’s calling may be provocative this week, but feeling at home — literally and within yourself — will be helpful in navigating it. Paradoxically, unexpected or uncharacteristic changes in your financial situation (including shared investments) or sex life have the greatest potential to bring a sense of stability. You rely on your relationships to be a mirror. Right now, their reflection is rich in potential insights.

SCORPIO — Your impact on the people in your immediate environment is serious business for you. You care, and you’re not afraid to show others through your words and actions. Thursday’s New Moon describes a chance to take a breather in this realm, especially if you feel like you’re banging your head against a wall (whether person or idea). Chances are your overall mental and physical health will then be better equipped for a breakthrough (though breakdowns can be insightful, too). A friend, partner, or even someone you find adversarial could provide just the quirk or creative burst you need to refresh and then rev back into action.

SAGITTARIUS — You’re about to embark on a new phase of building skills, self-worth, your bank account, or something else you value highly. Yet don’t be surprised if a lesson you thought you’d already learned crops up. Do you try to power through it or control it? Surrender to it? Hide from it? What if treating it like a game or adventure could relieve the inherent tension? Chances are that approach will also offer the most fertile context for insights this week. It also looks like changing up your workflow and your health or fitness routines could bring tangible benefits during this powered-down New Moon week. Replace your batteries, then get going.

CAPRICORN — You appear to be experiencing an extra boost of energy. One ideal way to use it this week is to seek the kinds of experiences that let you play and experiment, including as part of a team. If by some chance you feel like you’re hitting a wall that won’t budge — or if you’re faced with someone else who seems not to be learning a particular lesson — pause. The word “insight” implies being able to see inside, and that’s where you’ll need to look to find an answer. Real obstacles always have solutions; problems that we unconsciously create for ourselves only break down when we become willing to know ourselves better.

AQUARIUS — Have your dreams gotten busier lately? Even if the answer is “no,” it appears that your unconscious is energized. Energy needs a place to go so that it does not get backed up, yet right around Thursday’s New Moon it’s possible your usual self-care routines or work tasks might not offer their typical satisfaction. You’re generally comfortable with reinventing yourself; extending that innovative spirit to your home this week could offer the outlet you need and show you something new about yourself. Writing (or even just talking out loud to a neighbor) may be another way to draw whatever’s hidden into a more fertile form you can actually use.

PISCES — No matter how much “alone time” you need, you also understand how important it is for you to have a solid team to work and play with if you want to get your gifts out into the world, where they belong. This week’s New Moon signals the start of a new cycle with at least one of your key social circles, and one of its members appears rarin’ to go. You may find it easier than usual this week to communicate your ideas publicly (or to this specific team member) in unexpected or creative ways. That goes both ways: dynamic exchanges, even with a hint of competition, will likely plant a seed. Lean into your deepest values to be sure it grows in fertile earth.

*The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled symbols expressing a theme associated with cycles of transformation for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Perhaps the most well-known version (and the one I use) is Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala.

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