The Moon is still in Taurus as I post this, and made its New Moon conjunction to the Sun at 11:22 pm EDT last night. Here are horoscopes for your Sun sign (your "birth sign") and your rising sign to help you consider what you're growing from this moment.
The Aquarius New Moon is exact on Friday, Feb. 9, at 5:59 pm EST. The Sun and Moon are ringing the bell of April's Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, suggesting this is a "seeding moment" for a big, bold vision for your life.
We're heading for a New Moon in Aquarius on Friday that may offer some midwinter stirrings, and that energy is in play already. It's a great week to shake up your routine and *intentionally* do things differently, especially if you're feeling at all restless.
Welcome to the first New Moon of the New Year! I've written horoscopes for the 12 signs (read for your rising sign, too!) to help you reflect and get the year off to a strong start.
The Sagittarius New Moon and Mercury's station retrograde in Capricorn are combining in some powerful (and potentially challenging yet enlightening) ways during an especially intense time of year. Hopefully these horoscopes for your Sun sign and rising sign will help you discover some worthwhile insights as we navigate the next few weeks.
What are you handling well right now? Conversely, is there anything (from situations to machines) that feels like it's breaking down completely? Today's Sun-Pluto contact offers a key mid-eclipse-zone push and opportunity to check in with yourself.