The boggy stream near where I live looked quilted last week, seeming to preserve the memory of water…Photo by Amanda Painter.

As I post this, we are still in the new phase of the Moon (which was exact at 6:32 pm EST on Dec. 12). And though Mercury stationed at 2:09 am EST this morning, it’s still basically motionless and certainly powerful, astrologically speaking.

I also want to note that while these horoscopes are infused with my tendency to see everything as a useful learning opportunity, you or someone you know may be struggling in ways that go much deeper than what I’ve spoken to below. The holidays can be such a brutally painful and isolating time for people. If that’s true for you (or if you’re in a helping or healing position/profession) and need support, please reach out — to as many people and as many times as you need to.

We want you to stay on the planet. It’s better with you here.

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P.S. You can also read these horoscopes for your rising sign (ascendant) as well as your Sun sign. I’d love to hear whether one or the other resonates more for you and why! If you don’t know your rising sign, you can either plug in your data (birth time, date, and location) at this website or message me and I’ll look it up for you.

Horoscopes for the Week of Dec. 13, 2023

ARIES — Even the most action-oriented Aries benefits from regular moments of introspection, and this is one of those times. Whether you reflect best while traveling or running or learning about big ideas is up to you, and may vary. Yet while you’re feeding your soul, the concrete practicalities of your career or professional development are likely occupying a large swath of mental space. Right now it appears that you’re leaning toward fairly conservative ideas about what you can or should do. Yet something you say — whether to colleagues, to someone higher up, or publicly about your profession — could have a bigger effect than expected. No matter whether that feels inspiring or frustrating, you’re about to be given an opportunity to revisit a broader or more far-sighted perspective on it all. As you carry that forward, your options (and your faith in them) will grow.

TAURUS — Finances or other shared resources appear to be in focus for you lately. This could bring up fears or questions about “freedom” and what is or is not in your control. Thankfully you have an opportunity this week to press the “pause” or “reset” button on that process and check in with yourself. Take some deep breaths if your thoughts start running off at warp speed. Mercury stationing retrograde is in a position to help you review what you’ve learned so far spiritually and intellectually: ideas and experiences that have helped you to expand your sense of who you are and what you’re capable of. Even so, communicating is unlikely to be straightforward for the next few weeks, especially when it comes to fears. If anything goes wildly sideways, remember that compassion and integrity (including toward yourself) will never steer you wrong as you straighten things out. Enlist a friend or two with solid values if you need help strategizing next steps.

GEMINI — Does it feel like friends, partners, and others in general are calling the shots this month, and you’re just trying to respond to their lead? This week offers a pause so that you can get on the same page amidst the holiday frenzy, and process any related challenging emotions. Yet your ruling planet, Mercury, is stirring things up. It’s stationing retrograde in the section of your chart relating to several hot-button topics, particularly sex, other people’s money (and your expectations around it), and questions of power and control around shared resources. Speaking openly about these issues is uncommon but important. You have an opportunity to rethink how you have handled such conversations in the past, possibly (re)discovering a more open approach. Whatever genie you let out of the bottle this week may have a backwards way of granting wishes, however, so you’ll want to proceed patiently if misunderstandings crop up.

CANCER — For someone as sensitive to their environment as you are, the holidays can feel especially intense. This week suggests noticing your daily wellbeing practices or workflow so you can start a new cycle that’s more supportive of your needs. Mercury stationing retrograde in your zone of relationships could emphasize the point, especially if you receive communications from others that seem unexpectedly rigid or out of proportion. What others think and say is out of your control; if you’re feeling stretched too thin, your response may feel just as out of your control — hence the emphasis on taking care of yourself. Even when we do, occasional missteps in interpersonal communication are part of being human. All you can do is proceed gently, own what’s yours, and let others own what’s theirs. As Mercury helps you retrace your steps through whatever brought you where you find yourself, you’ll also reclaim some buoyancy and perspective.   

LEO — With this week’s New Moon in your zone of daring, creativity, and pleasure, what projects have you just completed? What are you incubating for the next cycle of new adventures? It’s possible that Mercury’s station retrograde could represent some second-guessing about what will actually fit into your usual day-to-day. If so, notice whether those thoughts and self-talk feel grounded in reality or fueled by outsized concerns and seasonal stresses. A close family member or two could help you sort that out. Also, your ideas about wellness and work appear to be receiving significant support from someone already operating in a professional sphere that you aspire to. Even so, the path forward does not look like a straight line. Luckily any switchbacks in the coming weeks appear tailor-made to help you remember how much better you feel when you bring your natural playfulness into your workplace and health routines.

VIRGO — Although there seems to have been some disruption or extra activity related to your living space or sense of security recently, you’re being offered a fresh start in that area. When something “hits too close to home,” it can be hard to see all the options. But intuitively you know that taking a bird’s eye view makes everything feel more manageable. As Mercury (your sign ruler) stations retrograde in your zone of play and self-expression, what are your favorite intellectual activities (or home-based projects) to exercise your mind while simultaneously feeding your soul? These could offer long-term benefits. If reminders emerge of what has or has not felt secure in the past, remember: The. Past. Is. Over. You have something new to learn from those experiences and feelings — such as understanding them from a different perspective — but that’s not the same as repeating them. The insights you receive should help you express yourself more freely.

LIBRA — Did Tuesday’s New Moon help you to take a few quiet moments for yourself during this busy season? If so, did any insights emerge? Even if your answers are “no,” something may come to you around Jan. 1. In the meantime, it appears you’re being offered an opportunity to rethink something about your home (such as making repairs or planning an upgrade), or about how you’ve been feeling in it. Our literal homes and inner emotional environment are closely linked. As Mercury pivots this week, an idea you have about one or the other (or both) could catalyze far-reaching consequences. The more it’s supported by your deepest values, the more beneficial it’s likely to be for all involved. As you get some perspective on your immediate environment in the coming weeks, including reminders of how it used to be, you’ll likely begin finding the right words to communicate your vision for the future more clearly.

SCORPIO — Scorpios sometimes get a bad rap for being “intense,” obscuring the ways this quality partly stems from how deeply you feel your humanitarian values. The New Moon this week may have served as a kind of refueling station for your generous spirit, even if you experienced it as a dip in energy in the face of too many worthy causes. Consider this backdrop as Mercury stations retrograde. Your thoughts and words now could start a chain reaction with the potential to benefit others. However, Mercury is a trickster, so you’ll need to double- and triple-check communications before you let them fly. Yet even if things don’t go as intended, you’re being offered an opportunity to reclaim, revise, or repair something that potentially matters more to you than you’ve realized. Have faith that when you see it clearly, you’ll be much better able to articulate it to everyone around you.

SAGITTARIUS — What have you been feeling lately about how you’re showing up in the world? In general you seem to have energy to spare, and the first part of this week likely helped you feel more in tune with yourself. Even so, Mercury stationing retrograde appears to be churning up thoughts about things like money, material possessions, or your most valued principles. Notice what words pop out when you talk about these things; words have power, and right now they could really have legs. This is less about speaking positive affirmations all day (though it can’t hurt) and more about reviewing the connection between unconscious values, self-worth, and your overall physical and mental health. Think of it as a refresher course for skillsets you already possess, especially your perception and ability to seek new perspectives. What you reclaim in the coming weeks will help you travel even further.

CAPRICORN — Your innermost spaces — such as dreams or the places you go when you meditate — appear to hold a reminder of something essential yet difficult to articulate. This could feel frustrating as Mercury stations retrograde in your sign on Wednesday, since you prefer to be clear and direct when you communicate who you are to the world. If it seems like something you say or do goes spinning off in the wrong direction, misrepresenting your intentions, take it as a blessing in disguise. You’re being offered an opportunity to follow the trail back in time, which really means within your experience, to recover something (a deeper sense of faith in yourself, perhaps?). By all means, do your due diligence to mitigate potential PR gaffes (we all play at PR on social media now). Just know that even a runaway mess could offer surprising benefits in the long run, thanks to some deep reflection. 

AQUARIUS — You appear to be starting a new cycle of some kind in your social circles, aiming for more publicly visible alignment with your goals. Yet Mercury is making an about-face this week in the most inscrutable part of your chart. This could describe particularly potent dream messages, though they might need extra unscrambling. What’s most significant appears to be an opportunity to bring these thoughts and insights to your team or community for a perspective check. (Professional colleagues with deep strategic instincts are another good bet.) Fears and self-doubts, in particular, may need a good airing-out among friends to guard against their potential to run amok, especially given how emotionally complex the holiday season can be. Try using the same feedback processes for your latest brilliant brainstorms. It could help you troubleshoot kinks and restore some faith in your thought processes.

PISCES — You’re planting seeds this week for the coming year’s crop of vocational or professional goals. But like seeds in the ground, these ideas may need some time to germinate first. In the meantime, it looks like something you say publicly or in a community-related space could take on a life of its own. You’ll want to choose your words carefully this week (re-read for typos before you click “send”!) but don’t let yourself get paralyzed. Perfection is a myth, and you can’t control others’ responses. What you can do is take the next few weeks to review how you’ve been communicating in your various social circles, and with those you consider part of your “team.” As you think things through, you may re-encounter the spark of inspiration you’re experiencing now. What you learn could make all the difference in how you approach what you’re building toward.

Chart for Mercury stationing retrograde, less that eight hours after the Sagittarius New Moon. Note Mercury’s conjunction to the centaur planet Pholus: “small cause, big effect.”

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