Just how fitting is it that Mercury is stationing retrograde in Aries on April Fool's Day? Mercury is known as the Trickster, and its retrogrades have a way of showing us how our failures to focus can result in what feel like frustrating practical jokes from the universe. I think, however, these hiccups are less about the cosmos playing tricks and more an opportunity to notice how we are (or are not) thinking and communicating.
The Sagittarius New Moon and Mercury's station retrograde in Capricorn are combining in some powerful (and potentially challenging yet enlightening) ways during an especially intense time of year. Hopefully these horoscopes for your Sun sign and rising sign will help you discover some worthwhile insights as we navigate the next few weeks.
We're about to enter the last month of the calendar year: a bizarre time when the nights are long yet the weeks fly by in a mad rush through the holidays. Against the backdrop of the Sun in Sagittarius, Mercury enters Capricorn (where it will station retrograde mid-month) to get you building on your ideas -- with a little help from its friends.
Now that Venus is about to station direct in Leo, do you have any sense of a specific inner mission you may have been on since around July 22? Has anything been uncovered, recovered, or questioned?
Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo today, conjunct asteroid Pallas and Mars. Could it be that Mercury's brief rewind for the next three or so weeks is asking us to pay a little more attention to all the key details needed to put a plan into action -- and to troubleshooting in a methodical, grounded, analytical way when things don't go as expected?
Approaching the Scorpio Full Moon and lunar eclipse on May 5, with Mercury retrograde in Taurus and Uranus aligned with the eclipse, we've been in a process of reviewing and releasing what has been mindlessly habitual to create the space and capacity for who you are becoming. What can you do to align with that, no matter how unexpected it feels?