Now that Venus has reached the heart of the matter, what is it? Do you have any sense of a specific inner mission you may have been on since around July 22? Has anything been uncovered, recovered, or questioned?

This scene at Pine Point Beach yesterday called to my mind Venus straddling the station-direct moment, reflecting ourselves back to us, having recently re-emerged to visibility in the morning sky after having been hidden below the horizon for several weeks. Photo by Amanda Painter.

Even if these last six weeks have been difficult, is there possibly some treasure of insight buried in the experience? Not everything of value shines — and not everything shiny has value. Either way, it’s usually what we do with it that matters most.

I’m offering these questions because this Sunday, Sept. 3, at 9:20 pm EDT, Venus finally stations direct in Leo.

Fittingly, it does so in a square to Jupiter right in the middle of Taurus (a sign Venus rules). Immediately this suggests there may be a gift — or at least a sense of benefit or greater ease — emerging with Venus’s station.

While that could be quite literal (as in, money or material resources, or at least some really sweet vibes), I don’t like making “predictions” and hate overpromising. So I tend to stick with more metaphorical or abstract interpretations of “gifts” and “benefits” in moments like these.

For example, on Wednesday someone close to me half-jokingly said that I love them “six percent less” than I used to. It caught me off guard, and disturbed me quite a bit that they might actually feel this way — let alone “joke” about it. But I had my mind on Venus stationing direct and what significance that might have, and remembered that Venus is in my zone of communication.

How have I been communicating my feelings for this person? Have I been a little backwards in that endeavor?

Have I been letting this person truly feel their worth to me — not only in the ways I like to show it, but in the ways they like to receive it? Could I stand to express a little more warmth and magnanimity in my immediate environments?

I have not been beating myself up about this. But I do consider it a useful gift to become more aware of these questions, to be given a bizarrely quantified and specific read on a perception of emotional value. Mercury is currently trekking backwards through Virgo: the planet of the mind in the sign of analysis. So yeah, that actually tracks.

You, too, may find it tempting to apply logical analysis to whatever feelings — be they warm recollections or long-buried sore spots — Venus retrograde has been describing in your life. (Even in jest — Mercury being the trickster.) But can the mind ever truly rule the heart — let alone understand it fully — whether we’re thinking about the present or future, let alone the past?

In any case, a few minor planets in close aspect to Venus flesh out the station-direct picture a little. Fascinatingly, just as Venus stationed retrograde opposite Eros (joie de vivre, eroticism) in Aquarius (groups, technology), that asteroid has tracked along with Venus and is still opposite even now. Another asteroid called Hygiea (health & hygiene) is there, too.

I wrote at the time of Venus stationing retrograde about the idea of Venus turning away from just how much we “live” and “love” via digital tech and tuning back in to the heart: a core symbol of what it means to be fully human (and a symbol of Leo).

Now, as Venus stations direct in Leo, it is still faced with the same questions Eros in Aquarius presented. But Hygiea is putting a finer point on whether the “option” to actual human warmth, vitality, and love — AI, social media “following,” etc. — is even healthy. Or, rather, Venus describes us collectively being asked to see the inherent conflict and confrontation squarely.

No matter how often digital tech is packaged as shiny and slick, that’s not the same as it being “clean” spiritually, energetically, emotionally. There is a cost to living so much of our lives digitally, to continual live-streaming rather than simply being where we are.

(Even Burning Man, which holds as a Core Principle the values of “immediacy” and “participation” (and is happening now), has begun begging attendees to forego live-streaming every moment rather than allowing themselves to be fully immersed in one of the most awe-inspiring experiences around. Not that many years ago, immediacy was the default, as there was no cell service in the Black Rock Desert.)

Further honing the point of this moment are two objects in Scorpio: Iris (messenger of the gods and the message itself, sometimes veiled) and MbabaMwanaWaresa (Zulu fertility goddess & shape shifter, called upon when needing guidance in making a decision).

Guidance is available, even if your personal message from Venus stationing direct feels veiled in metaphor or indirectness, or seems to shift its shape from what you’d expected. (Hint: working with an astrologer can be a great way to ferret this out if your message is unclear.)

The Beatles sang, “All you need is love.” And as simplistic as it may sound in times as “futuristic” and borderline apocalyptic as ours, I do think our hearts hold essential wisdom and value. At times it seems in danger of being drowned out, or commodified and sold back to us as something thinner, cheaper, and curated into meaninglessness.

However, as long as we have the capacity to perceive these ideas and feel their weight and worth — and our own worth, inherent from first breath to last, and beyond — we have the opportunity to choose differently, to resolve our moments of inner conflict and cognitive/emotional dissonance through renewed presence and realignment with our values, with our collective humanity.

The day after Venus stations direct, Jupiter stations retrograde in Taurus at 10:11 am EDT on Sept. 4. The journey to the heart of the matter isn’t done; Venus is merely handing off the baton to an agent of magnification.

Stay tuned.

With love,


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