The recent Libra equinox and this week's Aries Full Moon both have something to say about how we approach the October eclipses -- which will be here soon. Events and insights now could have bigger effects than anticipated.
Now that Venus is about to station direct in Leo, do you have any sense of a specific inner mission you may have been on since around July 22? Has anything been uncovered, recovered, or questioned?
The "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" movies are being released the day before Venus stations retrograde in Leo. What can this fascinating synchronicity -- and the "Barbenheimer" buzz that has emerged -- tell us about this Venus retrograde and, more importantly, about ourselves?
I just did my second astrology segment on the local public-access cable station, on a show called Friday PM hosted by my friend Luigi Scarcelli. Since we're just a few days before the Full Moon -- which itself is the day before the 4th of July holiday -- I wanted to be sure viewers have a useful roadmap to navigate the interesting energy of the weekend.
Are you feeling especially negative, depressed, or pessimistic about anything this week? I fell into a bout of that yesterday and realized it was apropos of the midweek astrology, despite the approaching solstice. Luckily the current sky also offers solutions.