This “square” looks a lot friendlier than the Mercury-Saturn square this week, though Mercury-Saturn can still be put to good use. Photo by Amanda Painter (googly eyes by anonymous).

Are we seriously only a week away from the Cancer solstice — the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of our summer season? The frequent cold and rainy days these last couple weeks mean I’ve been missing the early, warm mornings and late sunsets that cue my brain to get up and out and make the most of the longer days.

This week’s astrology seems to be offering some mixed signals just like my local weather. There’s an invitation to slow down and gather your energy ahead of the official start of summer and related busy-ness, along with some very social vibes (thanks to Venus joining Mars in Leo a week ago).

Most in focus for me at the moment is Mercury in early Gemini square Saturn in Pisces, exact Thursday. Squares generally describe a need to take action to resolve some inner tension, yet Saturn often represents a sense of weightiness or restriction.

Are you feeling especially negative, depressed, or pessimistic about anything this week? I fell into a bout of that yesterday and had to remind myself, “This too shall pass. I’m probably not seeing the full picture but I’ll be able to get some perspective soon.”

One antidote is to channel any heavy thinking this week into small, practical steps to improve whatever situation may be bringing you down or feels insurmountable. Mercury-Saturn squares describe the ability to tackle tasks that require disciplined thinking or practical planning.

It’s worth considering that Mercury is in a sign that it rules. Here it is a symbol of quick, nimble thinking and the ability to see all sides of the story. Saturn may be dampening that effect temporarily, but Mercury will move on swiftly to freer territory.

Notice if your frame of mind follows suit as you move into the weekend, when a harmonizing boost from Venus describes a lighter heart and the opportunity to offer (and receive) some friendly words.

We’re also closing in on a New Moon this weekend, exact at 12:37 am EDT Sunday (which essentially means Saturday night). I have a separate piece brewing about that event specifically. For now, just note that it’s another factor suggesting that bringing a project to completion and letting your pace slow down may help you feel most in tune with yourself these next few days.

At the end of the day, with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini plus two “relational” planets (Venus and Mars) in Leo, talking things out with a friend (or writing it out on social media…case in point) could be all you really need to process your thoughts, get perspective on any doubts, and form an actionable plan. We all get by with a little help from our friends, after all.

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