Tonight's Cancer Full Moon perfectly describes emotions overflowing their usual banks, just like the marsh I drove by this morning. No matter what today's emotional tides have carried into your awareness, know that the intensity should subside soon even if there's still much you need to deal with.
The Sun enters Capricorn at 10:27 pm EST tonight. Happy solstice! How are you observing the shortest day and longest night? I am aware of how difficult it has been for me to find my own sense of "standing still" this week, this day.
Current astrology is also adding some extra "flavor" to Thursday's holiday. Even if you're not in the U.S. or do not celebrate Thanksgiving for other reasons, you may find these horoscopes useful.
Giving some focused energy in the direction you want to travel during the "disruption" of an eclipse can help new pathways and patterns to take shape more clearly and tangibly. Here are your horoscopes to help you make sense of the current moment and act with intention.
Are you feeling especially negative, depressed, or pessimistic about anything this week? I fell into a bout of that yesterday and realized it was apropos of the midweek astrology, despite the approaching solstice. Luckily the current sky also offers solutions.
If Saturn signals growth and maturity, and Pisces is the ocean, what would it mean to put what we've learned to work for the collective health of our water and ourselves?
Do you feel called to "stop the buck" on anything relating to your spiritual, mental, emotional, or energetic health? A need to get something in tangible order and to (re-)focus priorities? A sense of something interrupting the way things have been going for a while -- kind of like an intervention?
The energy generated from this week's astrological friction could translate into good luck with some well-considered action...