This is the kind of “technology” that makes sense to me: green things growing in the late-afternoon sunlight on the path near my home.

Around this time last week I had started drafting some thoughts about how Venus and Mars are in harmony together in warm, social, friendly Leo, and then my laptop started freaking out. Between dropping off my laptop at the repair shop, not being able to get back there last Friday before they closed, and mistaking their weekend hours (they have none), I was laptop-less for more than four days with much that I wanted to use it for.

Despite my attempts to devise workarounds that would let me keep writing (and posting to social media), it was kind of like having my fingers cut off and being sleep-deprived. Being so completely thrown out of my usual physical setup for creative writing made it hard to think with any kind of flow, nuance, or inspiration — let alone catch the self-appointed deadline I was trying to meet.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Taurus with my Mercury (symbol of thinking and communication) in Taurus (sign of the body & routines, ruled by art-loving Venus), so this effect should not have been so surprising to me. But I realized it also resonates with something else astrological: Pluto moving from Aquarius back into Capricorn, which it did on June 11.

I wrote earlier this spring about the cultural/institutional themes of Pluto transitioning between these signs. Yet Aquarius also relates to digital/electrical technology (via its modern ruler, Uranus), and Capricorn also describes personal structures and work (thanks to Saturn).

In the last few days, I’ve heard from a few other people who also are having computer issues. Now, computer trouble can pop up anytime for a myriad of reasons. It’s a regular fact of modern life. What’s catching my attention is not some idea that Pluto’s movements are “causing” these issues; rather, I’m drawn to astrology’s keen ability to help us derive meaning — useful, actionable, help-us-on-our-life-path meaning — from things like this.

Pluto’s imperatives and disruptions compel us to look deep, look hard, and address thoroughly anything that is no longer working, has never really worked, or is not cut out to support our long-term evolution. We’re talking spiritual evolution, psychological evolution, social and cultural evolution, or the next ideal physical/mechanical iteration or a project, process, or environment — and the unseen drivers of this, from DNA to hormones to your soul’s path and more.

Pluto is power. We change so that we may empower ourselves to live fully and authentically.

My laptop acting up is prompting in me an awareness of certain foundations on which have rested the types of work I’ve done on a daily basis. It’s also highlighting a need to get to the root of the weaknesses in my use of tech and my systems of productivity.

The computer techs were not able to replicate the problem with my laptop over a couple of days of diagnostic testing. Last night, I discovered that part of the trouble (the fan running high) started again while watching an online astrology lecture (oh, the irony!) on the same website where I was watching one last week when the fan started running high (thankfully no black screen of death has appeared again). So that may offer a clue that my older MacBook Air isn’t thrilled about the demands of the audio & video on that site, coupled with my having a million browser tabs open.

Much of today has been spent messaging with a friend who is trying to help ferret out some other foundational tech issues on my website that currently are making it harder to do business efficiently (Capricorn) and to expand that business into wider social spheres (Aquarius) so that I might actually earn something resembling a living. The saga continues. And I am on alert that I probably need to plan for buying a new laptop sooner than later (and clearly need to stay on top of backing up my files).

You might not be having any tech issues at all. I am curious, however: is there any area of life where you feel like you’re being compelled to retrace your steps to get to the heart of a matter that is not functioning properly? Or to dig deeper to address some kind of structural weakness that you used to be able to skate over, but which now threatens to undermine everyday life?

Perhaps most importantly: do you feel like you have the support you need to investigate and address whatever is calling for change in your life? That’s where the rubber really meets the road whenever we need to transform and evolve in significant ways. Isolation can make any challenge feel insurmountable. Having a buddy on the path or even a whole team of people (Aquarius!) mutually supporting one another can turn many mountains (Capricorn!) into molehills.

If you’d like to discuss booking a session with me to help unearth, release, and move through whatever is asking asking for your attention, please contact me.

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