White irises I planted at my mother’s house last year due to some Uranus-in-Taurus style disruption of my own yard. Photo by Andrew Painter.

We’re headed for the Sagittarius Full Moon this weekend! On Saturday (June 3) at 11:42 pm EDT, the Moon will oppose the Sun in mid Gemini. Although Full Moons pretty much always describe some kind of heightened interpersonal dynamic (often coming to a head or seeming to be at a stalemate), this one appears to have more of a social, chatty, and exploratory vibe.

You may find yourself wanting to do lots of things, talk to lots of people, and keep plans loose — or you may find yourself focused on simply having the freedom to pursue the one goal or activity that’s calling most to you. Sagittarius loves to travel, making this weekend ideal for a mini getaway or work that takes you further afield than usual. You don’t have to go far to see something new and benefit from the shift in perspective.

While this might not be an especially “emotionally soggy” Full Moon thanks to the intellectual nature of Gemini and the optimistic perspective of Sagittarius, things could get tricky if a “do all the things all at once all together” person and a “give me space to do my thing” person are trying to reconcile their slightly different needs and desires.

But hey: this Full Moon spans mutable signs! (The other two are Virgo and Pisces.) Adjustment, mobility, and a kind of catch-and-release approach to situations and relationships tend to be the name of the game.

Which is helpful given the current planetary activity in a few fixed signs, which tend to be the least flexible, Taurus in particular. Mercury and Uranus are making a conjunction in Taurus, exact Sunday. This says: go with the unexpected, eccentric, atypical idea!

Doing so may feel disruptive to others, so try to be patient and compassionate — including with yourself, if you’re the one surprised by another’s sudden switch in thinking. Seemingly random, out-of-the-blue brainstorms could open up previously stuck energy and patterns if you allow yourself to follow them, rather than getting hung up on weighing all the pros and cons equally.

By all means, do your due diligence with anything truly risky or with major consequences. Changing up personal routines, physical surroundings, or creative techniques usually will not fall into that category; selling off family heirlooms for crypto, upending your retirement account, and sudden swerves on the highway probably do.

Despite Mercury’s placement in Taurus (methodical, single-focus thinking), its merging with Uranus and the building Full Moon suggest a fairly fast-paced mental and emotional environment through the weekend.

Mental energy, heightened emotions, and so-called “nervous” energy (which Mercury + Uranus can describe) need an outlet! Expressing any restlessness you feel creatively, consciously, physically, and with specificity can help keep it from building up and getting squirrelly.

Notably, the Moon will be closely conjunct a deep-space anomaly called the Great Attractor that lies in the direction of mid-Sagittarius (Google it — wild stuff). One effect this could describe is the sensation of never quite feeling satisfied that you’ve attained the thing you you’re reaching and longing for. That could raise a little interpersonal tension if you project your inner dissatisfaction onto someone else. (Full Moons are a result of the light of the Sun projecting onto — and reflecting back to us from — the Moon, after all).

The Great Attractor’s presence also signals a need for caution around “polarization traps” on social media. Some types of arguments simply are unwinnable. Unless you find that kind of mental exercise to be fun, probably best simply to keep on scrolling. (Better yet: go strolling. Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs. Running, hiking, or walking a new neighborhood also satisfy the Sagittarian desire for new scenery and perspectives.)

Should any relational “stuckness” crop up, calling in a little charisma may help solve the problem, or at least help smooth it over until after the Full Moon peaks. The asteroid Pallas in Leo is offering support via both the Sun and Moon, especially if you’re willing to consider all sides of the issue, steer clear of dogmatic entrenchment, and are open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

Truly notice what you’re perceiving: if you can read other people from a place of empathy and compassion, you have a better chance of speaking their language. At the end of the day, we all just want to know we’re being heard clearly and correctly, and appreciated in all our unique, lovable, contradictory quirks. 

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