A few people I know have been experiencing major tech glitches this week. Meanwhile, I and a few others have had some major "get shit done" energy. Don't freak: the current astrology speaks to both experiences.
The Aquarius New Moon is exact on Friday, Feb. 9, at 5:59 pm EST. The Sun and Moon are ringing the bell of April's Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, suggesting this is a "seeding moment" for a big, bold vision for your life.
We're heading for a New Moon in Aquarius on Friday that may offer some midwinter stirrings, and that energy is in play already. It's a great week to shake up your routine and *intentionally* do things differently, especially if you're feeling at all restless.
Each time I've thought about tomorrow's Full Moon or looked at the chart, some other layer of meaning has come to mind. Right now, I'm thinking about the ways it illustrates a situation I find myself in: one person's strong emotions (a mix of will, compassion, passion, and perhaps ego) running up against the shared vision of a small group in the question of how to reinvent ourselves to best serve a wider collective.
Saturday morning features an intriguing moment bringing together the astrological symbols of consciousness (the Sun), the subconscious (the Moon), and unseen, subterranean forces (Pluto) in an unusually precise alignment. Whatever emerges into consciousness then could carry a useful message.
How has life been for you recently, leading up to the Aquarius Full Moon opposite the Leo Sun?t Featuring the Moon in the sign of groups opposite the Sun in the sign of ego, I see a reminder to pause and reflect on the traps we can fall into regarding how we see others, how others see us, and how we see ourselves.
Pluto compels us to look deep, look hard, and address thoroughly anything that is no longer working, has never really worked, or is not cut out to support our long-term evolution. A recent experience coinciding with Pluto retrograding from Aquarius back into Capricorn brought this into focus for me.
Taking a walk Monday, I encountered several water striders zipping about the surface of a stream pool. As I watched, I had a fleeting thought about the concentrated burst of astrological activity arriving in about a week and a half. Something about the shadows, ripples, and reflections called to mind the upcoming Mercury retrograde and pair of eclipses, as well as ideas about how to move through them.
If Saturn signals growth and maturity, and Pisces is the ocean, what would it mean to put what we've learned to work for the collective health of our water and ourselves?
Do you feel called to "stop the buck" on anything relating to your spiritual, mental, emotional, or energetic health? A need to get something in tangible order and to (re-)focus priorities? A sense of something interrupting the way things have been going for a while -- kind of like an intervention?