The waxing crescent Moon and Venus just three days after the Aries New Moon and the equinox this past March. Photographed in Coba, Mexico, by Amanda Painter.

The Sun and Moon conjoin in late Gemini tonight for a particularly interesting New Moon (exact at 12:37 am EDT, so technically Sunday morning). Gemini is a mentally and verbally active sign — and its ruler, zippy Mercury, is currently at home here — but New Moons tend to be lower-energy. It feels like a day to dream and scheme and plan and plot, to list out pros and cons, or to tie up loose ends on projects you’ve been too busy to get to this week.

You might also pay attention to how you’re speaking to yourself internally. Is that inner dialogue encouraging and inspiring or defeatist and self-critical? Are you exploring new perspectives or stuck in outworn thought loops? Is your self-talk grounded in reality in a way that feels nourishing or does it drift into fantasy or denial to escape the pain of indecision?

Consider what you might say to a sibling or friend (Gemini being the sign of the twins) going through whatever you’re experiencing. Notice if it’s significantly different from how you relate to yourself.

Are you committed to balancing the need for occasional reality checks with deep self-compassion? Do you take time to notice your thoughts so you can detach your sense of identity from them and redirect them if necessary, rather than letting them run amok and feed self-destructive emotions? Have you noticed how your emotions can send your thoughts down a detour that is either empowering or disempowering?

Does your self-talk nourish your sense of self-worth at least part of the time? (lf you didn’t grow up with a good model for what that sounds like, you may need some help to get the hang of it and to tease out the internalized voices of those who undercut you as a child.)

These themes are emerging from a pattern the Sun and Moon are making with some other objects today and Sunday, called a grand square or grand cross in the mutable signs. (The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.)

Asteroid Ceres in Virgo could manifest as earth-mama-style practical loving — or overly critical “mothering.” Neptune in Pisces represents divine, loving inspiration — or illusion, delusion, and denial. These planets are describing a push to find some clarity, and potentially to make changes in how we treat ourselves within our own minds.

Across the zodiac from this New Moon is a minor object named Varda (after the queen of the Valar and creator of the stars in J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythology), which is currently aligned with the Galactic Center (GC). The GC is the core of our Milky Way galaxy — a spiraling collection of stars and their planetary systems. Our Solar System sits on an outer arm of this galaxy, and astrologically the GC serves as a kind of cosmic homing signal: a sense of “true north” amidst the vastness of space.

That is some lofty, sublime stuff for a mortal mind to be confronted with. What do you do with that when you come face-to-face with it? Do you reject it as “other” and alien, having nothing to do with you and nothing to offer you? Or could it be a mirror, showing you the exact same star-stuff that your body and brain — home of your consciousness — is made of?

May I suggest that this New Moon is a prime moment for allowing habitual monkey-mind to quiet down, become still, and perceive how every two-sided coin is still a single coin. You — a human being — and whatever lies at the center of the Milky Way galaxy are really just two manifestations of the same creative energy.

That creative energy is divine, it is unified in its purpose, and it shines its light brightly through the darkness. When we practice letting it shine through us, everyone benefits. And our own path through the mental confusion of everyday life begins to feel more like the straight, true path of an arrow through the air: a soul aligned with its source.

With love,


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