As the Full Moon approaches (it's exact tomorrow, May 23) do you find yourself racing toward a single goal, or too split in your priorities to make a move? Or are you dancing your way through the week? If you're dancing, how would you describe the dance?
Just how fitting is it that Mercury is stationing retrograde in Aries on April Fool's Day? Mercury is known as the Trickster, and its retrogrades have a way of showing us how our failures to focus can result in what feel like frustrating practical jokes from the universe. I think, however, these hiccups are less about the cosmos playing tricks and more an opportunity to notice how we are (or are not) thinking and communicating.
Tonight's Cancer Full Moon perfectly describes emotions overflowing their usual banks, just like the marsh I drove by this morning. No matter what today's emotional tides have carried into your awareness, know that the intensity should subside soon even if there's still much you need to deal with.
My experience at an annual art festival in an abandoned space got me thinking about our current astrology. If Mars opposing Uranus is like a startling, incongruous piece of performance art suddenly in view after turning a corner in the darkness, the Scorpio New Moon becomes the opportunity to pause, breathe it in, and allow it to open up your sense of who you can be in relation to it.
How do you know when a wild dream of yours is just an escapist fantasy -- a "bad" dream, because you wouldn't actually enjoy the practical details of living it -- and how do you know when it's simply BIG and will need to be tackled one small, persistent step at a time? This week's astrology may offer some clues...
Tonight's Gemini New Moon is a prime moment for allowing habitual monkey-mind to quiet down, become still, and perceive how every two-sided coin is still a single coin. You -- a human being -- and whatever lies at the center of the Milky Way galaxy are really just two manifestations of the same creative energy.