Young fern pushing up through the previous year’s leaf litter and preparing to unfurl itself in early May. Photo by Amanda Painter.

The Moon is still in Taurus as I post this, and made its New Moon conjunction to the Sun at 11:22 pm EDT last night. As always, try reading the horoscopes below for your rising sign as well as your Sun sign (your “birth sign”) — and message me or comment if you’re not sure what your rising sign is or how to find it out (or if you’d like to book a session)! For a deeper dive into the New Moon chart as a whole, including an image of the chart itself, please check out this post.

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Horoscopes for the Taurus New Moon — May 7, 2024

ARIES — By the looks of things, you are energized and finally moving with the clear decisiveness you prefer, after some recent delays and recalibration. This frees you up to put more focus on what you have and what you’d like to do with it. Although there have perhaps been some curveballs in this department, you’re actually in a great position to be generous — and to reap tangible fringe benefits. Even so, do you feel like you’re treading the same ground over and over in a matter of intertwined resources? Incremental advancements might simply be out of view. Don’t be afraid to discuss this explicitly with the other person involved, so that everything’s on the table. You’re forging something strong and valuable with this New Moon, and it’s a direct result of your past actions. You can own that without grasping tightly.

TAURUS — No matter what you see coming over the hill that looks like the same old slog, something’s different about it. Actually, what is different is you. On a deep level you’ve had to keep your inner fires burning at just the right temperature as you reshape your whole approach to life, digging in your heels at times to prevent others from rushing the process or throwing cold water on it. Yet it might actually be time to let the world see more of this beautiful self you’ve been forging. Venus and Jupiter are in your sign, bestowing grace and protection; you feel the need to flex beyond your typical emotional security zone; and at least one person in your wider circles is nudging you to see as much beauty in yourself as they do. Whatever seeds you’re quietly, gently planting now, they should bloom brilliantly.

GEMINI — Are you aware of a shift in mindset between the beginning of the season and now? Consider how you’ve been communicating with your wider social circles for clues. You’re in a process of integrating whatever you reviewed or redid last month. Yet, this could be a tricky time of year for you. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface of your consciousness — a place notoriously resistant to your typically cerebral approach to life. How open are you to allowing your body, your dreams, and your “where the hell did that come from?!” emotional reactions point you in the right direction? The messages from these sources are simply the result of your own past actions. Which means they’re nothing to be afraid of. In fact, now is the time to access this valuable compost for future growth.

CANCER — Your professional or vocational situation appears to be sorting itself out after some back-and-forth or mental scatter last month. You even seem to be feeling more energized in that part of your life. Yet it’s the less “official” spaces coming into focus with this New Moon: the groups and community spheres you’re part of. It might not be obvious to you, since you’re just one leaf on a pretty expansive social tree. But little by little, in your cyclical, indirect way, you’ve been experimenting with how you show up in these wider social spaces, and how you take care of them. If you can also allow yourself to receive the metaphorical sunlight, fresh air, and raindrops someone’s offering to you, you’ll not only be able to grow, you’ll increase your ability to care for and strengthen the entire tree.

LEO — Rarely does a warm-hearted Leo have to muscle their way through the world; nor do you need to now. But that urge might crop up, especially if you’re climbing an all-too-familiar emotional hill again. Yet someone appears to be holding space for you sort out these feelings. They recognize your light, even when you feel at odds with some part of your life. Actually, your inner fire is never far from the surface, which is one of the reasons it’s natural for you to lead others. Even natural leaders need to delegate or share authority at times, however, which can be challenging for you. But whatever is taking shape at the heart of a professional matter could use a moment of reflection on its cause. You can then better guide its result. Let your natural generosity shine here for maximum benefit.

VIRGO — Are you closing the door on a grand idea or spiritual question that you were long attached to? Difficult as that choice has likely been, notice the ways your body is registering a distinct sense of relief. It is in this physical spaciousness that your emotional, intellectual, and spiritual capabilities can now begin growing to their fuller capacity. First, however, you would do well to travel inward for a moment before you aim further afield. Has anything been burned off or hammered into a more fitting shape? Has your conception of a “higher self” or a “higher power” changed? I hesitate to use those two terms, because they get tossed around superficially. You tend to do best when you ground them in tangible reality. Currently, your reality includes likeminded seekers with similar values to travel with.

LIBRA — If one or more of your relationships got confusing last month, things should be sorting themselves out. An energetic friend or partner will at least be clearly directed now; even “oppositional” tends to be easier to deal with than “vacillating” or “withdrawn.” In turn, this frees up your bandwidth to get a better feel for this New Moon, which is in your zone of shared resources. From the look of it, you’re sharing with a number of people. This has the potential to return to you tenfold (likely it already has been), whether in the form of emotional or economic investment or general goodwill. Take a moment to get clear on what’s changed from one year ago. That should help you plant seeds now that will grow strong roots in addition to plentiful fruit — perfectly in balance, just how you like it.

SCORPIO — In your one-on-one interactions this week, pay attention to anyone who takes a new approach to you. It may seem totally out of character from your perspective, which could make you think it’s all about you. Can you be curious instead? Chances are this person has been sweating out some kind of inner transfiguration, and trusts that you’re a safe place to reveal who they’re becoming. Anyway, it’s not like you’re starting from square one yourself. In fact, this New Moon seems tailor made to remind you of all the ways you’ve changed in the last year, and all the ways your relationships are benefitting. You appear to be turning an important key in some matter of mental and/or physical health, as well. Lean into that and watch other areas of your life follow suit between now and your birthday.

SAGITTARIUS — You’ve likely had reasons to focus on the health of your body this season. Not to mention how your physical health affects your mental health, and all the emotions that can cascade out of that matrix. As nimble as you tend to be intellectually and philosophically, this is one area where you can get a little stuck — though recent factors have prompted you to unstick yourself. If fears of futility start creeping in out of nowhere, remind yourself of what you value most. That may help ease the way by providing some structure for your choices around health, healing, and even your work life — which has strong ties to your wellbeing. This type of structure actually facilitates the freedom you love so much. If you’re feeling healthier than ever, you can build on that good fortune now.

CAPRICORN — If your sense of emotional security got shaken up, thrown into reverse, or even unexpectedly strengthened last month, you might take a moment to check in with yourself. You’re likely still integrating your experience and what it means for you going forward. New Moons are great times to slow down and take stock. At the same time, you’re entering a new phase of creativity, pleasure, and potentially even romance. It’s not arriving out of nowhere, and admittedly it might have been hard-won or not entirely of your choosing. But if you make some time to feel into what would feel good, the answer may surprise you — along with who’s showing up for it. It’s the season of growing new shoots. Though you tend to build with a plan, letting this unfold organically could be more fun.

AQUARIUS — Did you recently experience an epiphany about how you think and communicate? Or a reshuffling in your immediate environment? As you continue synthesizing these events, notice the effect it’s having on how “at home” you feel. All the work you’ve done around feeling secure in your own skin means that you can lean into whatever compassion a partner or friend needs — or is offering — without getting destabilized. It also means that you can deal with any need to restart professionally without feeling you’ve lost significant ground. Speaking of the ground: how effective would a farmer be if they were too afraid to plant any seeds for fear of losing them? Building security isn’t about holding on tight. It’s about cultivating the best conditions for growth — and then tending to each phase lovingly.

PISCES — Chances are you’ve been exploring new opportunities to expand your reach in your local area this year. How is that going? Have you discovered ways of belonging that you hadn’t thought of before? I ask because your opinions — and the ways your mind arrives at them — can sometimes be more rigid than your flair for creativity would suggest. What’s at the core of that? Perhaps it helps balance your otherwise fluid and permeable nature. Or helps defend it? This New Moon suggests you’re at the start of a tempering process, one designed to introduce just enough pliability to your thinking so that you can meet recent, sudden developments in your environment in the most beneficial way for all involved. April’s events likely initiated the self-worth adjustment needed for you to flourish in this.

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