How are your senses responding to the greening and blooming that have been picking up pace around you? Are you spending more time outdoors and wearing fewer layers? Eating more locally grown veggies? Sneezing more? Digging and planting? Investing more time and energy into what feels good and what you value most?

A trio of baby purple finches just a few days from fledging and flying. Photo by Amanda Painter.

Although the Sun is almost finished with its journey through Taurus (it enters Gemini on May 20), we are coming into yet another concentration of “Taurus power.” This season has been especially strong with its themes:

* The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20 asked many people to wake up to their body’s magnified messages, and offered an opportunity to begin bringing a big, bold vision into tangible reality.

* The Taurus New Moon on May 7 asked us to tune in to the deep, hot inner forging we’ve been experiencing, to recognize just how much we’ve changed and how much further along our growth path we truly are — no matter how much it feels like we’re chewing the cud of the same challenges over and over.

And now?

Fully half of the sign-ruling bodies recognized by modern astrology are in Taurus. In order by current position, they are: Mercury (as of Wednesday), Venus, Uranus, the Sun, and Jupiter. All five of those bodies are in focus from now through the weekend. 

Mercury in Taurus describes a more settled, grounded mental space and pace of communication. My own natal Mercury is in Taurus, and I can attest to the preference to focus on one thing at a time that this placement describes.

If recent weeks have felt like a frenzied marathon of multi-tasking, you may feel better able to settle your mind into a more sustainable pace and processing. Mercury in Taurus is less about the immediate leap from thought to action, and more attuned to the feedback loop of your physical senses, emotions, and intuition.

Mercury in the first few degrees of Taurus also puts it into direct contact with Pluto in Aquarius. It’s a relationship describing some inner tension, but of the kind that inspires deep digging to get to the root of a question or puzzle. In this case, prime areas of investigation could include matters of physical and/or mental health, or the intersection of your personal values with community/group values.

If you already tend toward fixations, there is some indication to beware of becoming single-minded to the point obsession through this weekend. But if you have the opportunity, a deep dive into journaling or other inward-yet-action-oriented problem-solving practices could prove fruitful.

The other major bodies in Taurus are involved in a pair of conjunctions late in the sign. Venus — which rules Taurus — is snuggling up to Uranus. Meanwhile, the Sun is amplifying its life-giving light through expansive Jupiter, just before both prepare to leave Taurus. (Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25, five days behind the Sun.)

To be sure, having both Venus and Jupiter in Taurus could describe a strong tendency to take things easy — to relax, to enjoy excellent food, company, and material pleasures (and lots of all of it). And that’s one of the joys of life we all need to indulge from time to time!

Yet Uranus has been sparking new ways of bringing Taurus energy into the world for a few years now. And one of its most insistent messages has been around the need to wake up out of complacency and habit. Sometimes that has related to personal habit, or to taking our bodies for granted.

But I have also experienced Uranus’s mandate to recognize and adapt to the many ways the most grounded and sustainable human values are not being embodied all around us.

I see it in being confronted with a landowner developing a slice of nature I have loved and stewarded; witnessing genocidal acts of war in multiple nations that perpetuate extreme suffering; being subjected to artificial intelligence let loose online without any meaningful guardrails.

In part, I think Venus conjunct Uranus is a reminder to get creative about how we embody our values in the world, no matter how shocking or upsetting things get. Venus is not the planet of conflict (that’s Mars). It is the planet of art, and of relating.

On a more practical, immediate level, Venus conjunct Uranus is a reminder to seek new experiences in our friendships and love relationships these next few days. And if you are met by a surprise from someone else, can you find a way to love the unexpected by owning it and your responses to it? That’s what will enable you to make beautiful, mutually beneficial choices around it.

The Sun’s merger with Jupiter in the next-to-last degree of Taurus describes strong vitality (especially physically), optimism, and an enhanced ability to go for what is wanted rather than just settle for “what is.” How can you enlarge your experience of living? What are you feeling called to learn or understand better? In what ways can you be more generous and inclusive — without spreading yourself too thin?

Interestingly, across from the Sun and Jupiter is another factor echoing the imperative to look beneath the surface of something. The asteroid Pallas in Scorpio describes the emotional warrior ready to dive deep.

What does your intuition have to say about all that your body is experiencing through your five senses? What would it mean to heal an underlying issue rather than just treat the symptoms? Who is standing before you, ready and determined to know “the truth”? (And is it the person in the mirror?)

If something seems like it should be fine yet there’s a mysterious problem without a logical or obvious explanation, Pallas in Scorpio describes the person or tool you can use to solve it. This may take some Taurean “slow and steady wins the race” persistence.

Or, it could mean falling down an obsessive Mercury-Pluto rabbit hole and then resurfacing to take a broader Jupiter-Sun survey of everything you’ve learned. Maybe it means alternating between doing some soul searching around an unexpected event or feeling, and then simply enjoying yourself. This is, after all, Friday and the weekend we’re talking about.

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Just look at all that Taurus in the upper left corner! The bold number next to each planet’s glyph is the degree, clearly showing Mercury early in the sign, the Sun paired with Jupiter, and Venus paired with Uranus.

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