Are you striving to make creative changes in your environment? There is energy available for that this week if you can harness it constructively and keep everything above board and in alignment with any preexisting agreements. (Or you could use this energy to proactively renegotiate those agreements if they do not allow this freedom.)

My best imitation of the Libra scales after a “bonus swim” post-hike on Sunday. I love these unexpected October swims… they also make me anxious about the imbalances being caused by climate change.

If any power struggles or consequences of past actions come to light this week — including as a result of your efforts to make a situation better or more beautiful — it’s imperative to respond to them openly and ethically. Tie up loose ends, don’t just sweep them under the proverbial rug — no matter how pretty that hand-tied, vintage, artisan piece of fiber art may be.

We have a square brewing between Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn that will be exact on Sunday. Squares describe tension: energy needing to be expressed through action that seeks to resolve and reconcile.

Mars aspects often make themselves known well ahead of when they’re exact, and tend to favor early engagement. With Pluto involved, that metaphorical rug I just mentioned will absolutely wear thin eventually. The mess underneath will be much uglier by then if you can’t bring yourself to address it now.

Yet being direct can feel like much more of a minefield than it did a couple decades (or even just a few years) ago, and it’s easy to slide into avoidance tactics to spare oneself unnecessary confrontation and grief.

Sometimes there is a legitimate need for energetic/emotional/psychic protection, and sometimes the “fight” at hand is not ours to wage or is a distraction from better uses of our energy. Sometimes, though, we risk being insincere or even underhanded when we sidestep taking a clear stand in favor of appearing “neutral” or “in harmony” or “friendly” — a la Libra’s shadow expression.

To be sure, there is a lot of Libra in the air currently: Mars, the lunar South Node, the Sun, and the asteroid Pallas are all there. Mercury will soon join them when it leaves Virgo (where it was recently retrograde) this Wednesday. That could describe a general prevalence of equivocation.

However, the overall environmental tone is, I think, supportive of fair conversations, balanced negotiations, and elegant, mutually beneficial solutions to any potential power struggles that might be indicated by the Mars-Pluto square. That might require turning up the flame on your sense of justice and equity to find the inspiration for decisive, fair action rather than vacillation — and to remember that truly just action might mean compromising rather than getting your way. (Contrast that idea with the lack of such in certain governmental branches currently.)

Also notable this week: on Sunday, Oct. 8, Venus leaves Leo for the first time since it arrived in that sign on June 5 of this year (!). Venus makes its move only about six minutes after the Mars-Pluto square is exact.

Even if the weather seems to be confused about whether summer is really over or not, Venus entering the more cerebral and particular sign of Virgo this weekend certainly signals a cooling off of sorts in the emotional realm. Venus will be opposite heavy-handed Saturn in Pisces, so notice if this shift feels like a bit of a bummer as the weekend rolls into the workweek, and trust the sensation will pass.

Venus’s journey through Leo the last four months has surely offered some gifts along the way that can still be put to use. And Virgo at its best is all about using our gifts in service to the greater good.

Maybe we can all make up our minds to shine our light brighter as these Northern Hemisphere days of Libra get shorter and shorter? Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder. But as the sign Libra demonstrates, the beautiful (if delicate) balance of interpersonal relating is in the actions of those willing to do the work — gracefully, humbly, sometimes grudgingly — each time the scales shift.

With love,


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