I'm convinced that one of the reasons winter solstice rituals can feel so meaningful, even if you're just taking some time to slow down and reflect this time of year, is what happens in the days just before the solstice. The Sun, giver of life and center of our solar system, makes its annual alignment with the Galactic Center (GC): the core of our Milky Way Galaxy.
I've been feeling kind of like my life is zooming off without me this week, and I'm running after it. I probably shouldn't be surprised at this, given the current astrology, yet the intensity caught me off guard. Thankfully the questions raised by current astrology also offer a chance to reframe and recenter.
We're about to enter the last month of the calendar year: a bizarre time when the nights are long yet the weeks fly by in a mad rush through the holidays. Against the backdrop of the Sun in Sagittarius, Mercury enters Capricorn (where it will station retrograde mid-month) to get you building on your ideas -- with a little help from its friends.