Sunset on Aug. 14, 2023 — the eve of the Leo New Moon. Photo by Amanda Painter.

I’ve been meaning all day to sit down with my astrology software so I could offer some thoughts about it. But between feeling super low-energy (thanks, gray skies!) and yet kind of restless, it’s been a challenge. Which really shouldn’t surprise me, since we’re on the eve of a New Moon in Leo early tomorrow morning (New Moons often feel low-energy).

Plus, the Leo Sun is making a square to Uranus in Taurus (representing internal tension requiring action to resolve it, with that tension either feeling exacerbated by surprises or soothed by ditching your usual routines). Pretty much tailor-made astrology for restlessness.

Mars, hanging out in Virgo, is offering some support through its contact with Uranus: focusing on practical, tangible, detailed tasks will likely work better than big-picture visioning today and tomorrow. But as always, the devil is in the details: they need your attention, but not your obsessive overthinking. Just do the thing that needs doing, and do it in logical steps.

Feeling physically antsy or mentally stuck? Get physical! Seriously — take a walk, go running, lift weights, clean your house. I have a zoom meeting in about 35 minutes and I’m kind of kicking myself for not going for a run (I got all picky about how humid it is, and how bad the mosquitoes will be, and how I “should” be getting other things done today… blah blah blah).

It might not be your most intense workout (New Moon, and all) but it will likely help to kick the mental-physical heebeejeebees if you’re feeling them. Notice if you’re getting picky about it, too — that’s totally a Mars-in-Virgo kind of thing. But once you’re aware of it, you can choose to manage it differently.

There’s also something about today’s & tomorrow’s astrology that suggests to me there’s support to go after your goals, especially if part of that is related to putting yourself “out there” in the public eye somehow. But it’s asking for some unexpected action on your part, and you likely won’t see the full results for about three months (think back about three months if you need clues about what, specifically, this Sun-Uranus cycle is trying to wake you up to so you can step into it more fully).

The Leo New Moon suggests right now the job at hand needs to be focused internally, no matter how desperately we want to show the world what we’re up to. It’ll be time to shine soon enough!

With love,

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