Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo today, conjunct asteroid Pallas and Mars. Could it be that Mercury's brief rewind for the next three or so weeks is asking us to pay a little more attention to all the key details needed to put a plan into action -- and to troubleshooting in a methodical, grounded, analytical way when things don't go as expected?
The Leo Sun and Moon are making a square to Uranus in Taurus (representing internal tension requiring action to resolve it, with that tension either feeling exacerbated by surprises or soothed by ditching your usual routines). Pretty much tailor-made astrology for feeling restless -- yet without a ton of energy to address it.
How has life been for you recently, leading up to the Aquarius Full Moon opposite the Leo Sun?t Featuring the Moon in the sign of groups opposite the Sun in the sign of ego, I see a reminder to pause and reflect on the traps we can fall into regarding how we see others, how others see us, and how we see ourselves.