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Mercury finally stations direct in Taurus this Sunday, May 14, at 11:17 pm EDT! That means today through Monday could feel a little glitchy. Below you’ll find some “practical” tips, and then a section of thoughts for more “internal” processing.

This astrology is a reminder to approach any Mother’s Day plans you have with a grain of salt. Double-check details like restaurant reservations, directions, and whether everyone is on the same page with plans — and be prepared to practice patience if you encounter a snag.

Mercury in Taurus prefers to focus deliberately on one thing at a time. Having the planet of the mind essentially stationary right now describes a style of thinking that might be thorough but not especially speedy, and therefore more likely to miss essential pieces if forced to rush — with potentially greater impact.

Mother’s Day also appears to have a certain softness to it this year, despite Mercury the Trickster’s potential shenanigans. With the Moon in Pisces (and exactly conjunct Neptune Sunday night) the general mood is one of empathy, sensitivity, creativity, and heightened intuition. So if you’re having difficulty deciding what to “think” about something, try leaning into how you feel intuitively.

However, a Moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is also a clear warning to watch your alcohol consumption on Sunday, especially if you’re driving, given Mercury’s situation. There’s also a note here for anyone with a “problematic” relationship with their mom: watch your emotional, psychic, and energetic boundaries to help you keep communication as clear as possible — both in terms of what you hear (or think you hear) and what you say.  

Also contributing to the weekend’s mood are Venus in early Cancer and Mars in late Cancer. These two planets describe how we relate to each other, so it’s nice to have them in harmony in a gentle sign. Cancer is the sign of mothering and domesticity, suggesting that showing your mom how much you care by cleaning her house or making her lunch at home could feel just right, depending on your mother’s personality and expectations.

Yet Venus and Mars both in Cancer is also a reminder there may be lots of feelings swirling around right now, and Mars in a square to Jupiter in Aries indicates some extra potential for emotional reactivity. I wouldn’t get worried about it, just keep it in mind if any SNAFUs crop up that cause disappointment or try anyone’s patience. Pause, take a breath, slow the pace, and allow solutions to emerge.

On the bright side, Mars squaring Jupiter indicates high physical energy to do what needs to get done this weekend. Simply consider all factors before rushing off. Maybe write down your plan or to-do list, the business’s address and hours, the dinner menu and shopping list, etc. Mercury in Taurus appreciates tangible, visual reminders!

Jupiter and stationary Mercury are both also square Pluto in Aquarius, and Mercury is making an even closer sextile to Saturn in Pisces. Squares indicate inner tension requiring action to resolve it, and sextiles point to supportive opportunities.

In combination, these planets describe an increased awareness of your immediate physical and social environments and the desire and ability to improve either or both in practical, beautiful ways. Mercury-Pluto is suggests deep introspection on this (and other) matters, while Jupiter-Pluto offers the energy to get shit done — and suggests the need to do so in ethical, egalitarian ways if others may be impacted.

Finally, the moment when Mercury appears to change direction can often come with an “a-ha!” moment when some previously missing piece of information (usually something you had no idea was even missing) arrives in your awareness. I’ve actually experienced this personally, and it was rather astonishing. Information might emerge in the hours before or after the moment of direct station, but if you happen to be awake between 11:00 and 11:30 pm Sunday night, pay particular attention.


Taurus is a sign that’s closely related to the physical body, its senses and pleasures, and emotions relating to these things (including unprocessed emotions that get stored in the body). With Mercury stationing direct here, I am very curious about “messages” that may come through physical experience — or even from within one’s own body — in addition to any externally appearing news flashes.

Intriguingly, Mercury is stationing direct in a close aspect pattern with several minor objects: conjunct Arachne in Taurus (entanglements, weaving, storytelling); opposite Iris in Scorpio (messenger of the gods, messages that are intuitive, imagistic, or metaphorical); and squaring in Leo the trio of Pallas (strategy, how we solve problems), Varuna (oaths, upholding the law), and Asclepius (inner healer, the need for or beliefs about healing).

One thing this arrangement suggests to me is the usefulness of any new information coming in the form of another person mirroring back to you your own mental entanglement or mental-emotional-physical “story” that you’ve been telling yourself, or that you’ve been actively reviewing and reconsidering these last few weeks. If the message really hits home, it may feel almost like a “message from the gods” or a “rainbow bridge” of sorts into a new, healthier awareness about yourself.

I also find myself wondering: what is your strategy for upholding the “laws” of your health in a compassionate way? By laws I don’t mean what your mother always told you (regardless of whether or not she was right), or what popular media keeps shouting in the form of impossible images of others.

I mean simply the ways your body responds to how you move, what you eat, how you feel, who you spend time with, and so on. Or consider that injuries, allergies, and muscle tension (for example) all ask for certain types of attention or respect, and come with specific consequences when we ignore them — basic cause and effect. Same with our emotional responses to various kinds of touch (or lack thereof).

If something has been trying to get your attention — whether the root cause of the issue is emotional/psychological or “purely” physical — it may nudge you to acknowledge and address that now. Pride, ego, or fear could easily get in the way of this. How can you stay curious and dig deeper? What kind of social network or healing modality might help?

Support is out there for what you are discovering you need to do, and small, tangible changes in response to what you’re learning could yield big results down the road, especially if you harness some Taurean persistence. You are surrounded by a community that wants you to thrive in our midst, and I am cheering for you. Let me know your discoveries from this weekend (or from from the past three weeks).

With love,


Chart for Mercury stationing direct. Mercury is the green glyph with horns near the bottom of the chart in Taurus (which also happens to be indicated by a green glyph with horns… LOL). Mercury has a bold “05” next to it.

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