A bunch of dill and a pomegranate. If you recall from Greek myth, when Persephone ate pomegranate seeds in the underworld it bound her to Hades in the underworld. In response, her mother Demeter (Ceres in Roman myth) let all the crops die until she and Hades struck a deal allowing Persephone to spend half the year with her mother — thereby giving us the seasons. Photo by Amanda Painter.

How are you feeding yourself and others today? I’m talking about literal food and nutrients as well as spiritual and emotional forms of nourishment and nurturing. Are you recommitting to a more disciplined or structured approach? Are recent choices in this realm already showing bigger effects than usual — whether desired or unintended?

I ask because the asteroid Ceres in Capricorn is in a supportive relationship with Saturn in Pisces today, describing an opportunity to build in some solid steps toward a goal related to these themes. (Ceres relates to literal grain, agriculture, and food, as well as nurturing; Saturn relates to structure and discipline.)

Whether this means dedicating time each day to meditate or journal (a friend posted just yesterday about recommitting to the practice of writing Morning Pages, a la “The Artist’s Way”) or returning to a previous habit of not eating sweets during the week (as someone close to me declared yesterday), the current astrology reinforces these sorts of decisions.

Ceres is also still in close proximity to the centaur planet Pholus in Capricorn (ripple effect) and is moving into a harmonious aspect with Jupiter (expansion) in Taurus. Both of these planets speak to the potential for healthy self-care (and other-care) decisions to have greater benefits than expected. They also both describe the potential for less desirable effects to be compounded in the absence of conscious decisions.

Luckily life is full of opportunities to try again, to choose differently, to forgive ourselves for the ways we think we’ve failed ourselves and those we love, to notice how we’re judging and shaming ourselves (and others) and lean toward compassion instead.

Life is also full of opportunities to think beyond ourselves to recognize the vast web of interconnection we’re part of, and to find organized ways we can extend our nourishing and nurturing abilities to people all over the planet — and to the earth itself.

How are you embodying these themes this week? Are you ready to try something new to help facilitate the steps you’re taking?

With love,


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