The view from the top of Montmorency Falls in Quebec, Canada, about three days prior to this Pisces New Moon. The falls empty into the St. Lawrence River, which leads to the sea — fitting, as astrologically Pisces is the ocean that refuses no river. Photo by Amanda Painter.

Sunday’s convergence of the Sun and Moon in Pisces is the last lunation before we begin the spring eclipse season — which itself is the precursor to the culmination of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that’s been warming up for a few months. If you feel like life has been steadily increasing in pace since the start of the year, you’re not alone.

Taking a little time this weekend to slow down and feel into your intuition, creativity, or any meditative practice could prove useful preparation for when spring gets going in earnest, since the Sun and Moon are in direct communication with Uranus, which is just about in position for its meeting with Jupiter on April 20-21.

In other words, you can think of it like getting a subtle or even subconscious message from the future — at the same time that you’re planting the seeds in your conscious awareness for whatever big, bold vision you want to grow your life toward. (The phrase “big, bold vision” being a primary way astrologer Stephen Forrest has delineated the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.)

All this week Mars in Aquarius has also been making a square to Uranus — pushing buttons, pushing the issue, and possibly pushing the river just when you’re feeling a little low-energy as the Moon wanes. That said, it can be useful energy if you can use it consciously to make creative changes in your life.

The spring’s big astrological events also overlap with a retrograde of Mercury, further suggesting some zingy energy or mental hiccups during April. Whatever practices you have for getting centered in yourself and feeling your true north are ideal for a Pisces New Moon — especially this one.

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Horoscopes for the Pisces New Moon — March 10, 2024

ARIES — As much as you may think of yourself as being action-oriented, your unconscious is one of the most fertile of any of the signs. This weekend, pay particular attention to your dreams, intuitive nudges, and inexplicable creative breadcrumbs. They may hold a key to advancing what matters most to you (or to your bank account). This may be especially true the more incongruous theses urges seem to others, though they’ll feel so right for you.

TAURUS — Have you sensed some pressure associated with your professional life to do things differently this week? By leaning into that energy, you claim the power to reinvent yourself on your own terms, rather than feeling at the mercy of a world that often does not share your values. Slow down enough to listen for any messages coming from your social circles during this Pisces New Moon. What you hear could be key to shaping the next phase of you.

GEMINI — Do you often find yourself taking stock of your career this time of year? This weekend looks like an ideal time to pause and notice what might have begun twelve months ago in that realm and is now coming to a close, and then begin feeling into what’s next. If what you sense makes little sense (ha!), consider it a sign that you’re tuning in to a frequency worth understanding better. Discussing it with a mentor could prove fruitful.

CANCER — Have you felt compelled this week to “do something already,” and to make it count in a unique and public way? You tend not to operate in the most forthright manner, so this could feel uncomfortably exposing. Yet Sunday’s New Moon signals the conclusion of a year’s worth of spiritual growth. Why not seize the opportunity for inner awareness to infuse your next stage of social molting?

LEO — You tend not to be very possessive, yet regarding professional accomplishments chances are you take particular pride of ownership. You’re poised for a career-related breakthrough, and Sunday’s New Moon looks like it could whisper key insights about the vision you’re pursuing. But you’ll need to be honest with yourself about how you feel regarding certain shared resources, and perhaps even a secret, to access these rewards.

VIRGO — Has restlessness with your day-to-day sparked bigger (or even “foreign”) ideas that you’ve been keen to pursue this week? The more consciously you can acknowledge and act on this, the easier it will be on those around you. A friend or partner appears to be lower-energy than you are this weekend. If you can balance your needs with theirs, you may find they’re more in tune with what you’re seeking than you’d realized.

LIBRA — Have you felt compelled to take a risk this week with some form of shared resource? You’re normally so even-keeled, but don’t let it throw you. This weekend closes a yearlong personal cycle that may have witnessed a new willingness to work on your spiritual wellbeing — and the New Moon describes the next layer of this journey beginning. Seeds planted now could bear surprisingly transformational fruit.

SCORPIO — Although you’re not a Pisces, this time of year tends to open a creative pool for you to swim in. Even so, it looks like activity or an irritation at home this week may have felt frustrating — or did it inspire you to approach a relationship in a new way? In any case, consider using this weekend to refill the well of your imagination. Whether solo or with kids, what you experience could offer an “ah-ha” moment you can work with.

SAGITTARIUS — You love to roam — physically and intellectually. Yet every so often the space you call “home” needs tending, whether that means literal rooms or your inner emotional realm. This weekend looks like one of those times. It also appears that an urge to avoid dogmatic thinking has recently run up against some habits ripe for change. Explore the terra incognita­­ within yourself or your home, and a new path forward should emerge.

CAPRICORN — You appear to have some new idea to communicate to the people around you, but it might not be fully formed yet. If you’ve been trying this week to work out a frustration relating to your money or other possessions, that could be one factor holding you back, since it relates to whether you feel free to have fun. The more consciously and creatively you work this equation, the more likely your idea can open up a whole new adventure soon.

AQUARIUS — Sunday’s New Moon could represent a slow or quiet point regarding what you hold as most dearly “yours.” This could mean anything from finances to self-worth to values. Yet if you can think of it more as a “refresh,” you’re more likely to stay receptive to a potential brainstorm that could come through. If you’ve been feeling “prickly” this week, clock any creative changes you’ve made in response. They could prove valuable.  

PISCES — You’re in your month of personal reset, when the overall tone of the skies comes closest to matching the inner seas you prefer to swim in. Yet something in your unconscious seems to be provoking you uncomfortably. If you follow that trail inward during this New Moon, you may discover an unexpected opportunity to shift your thoughts — and by doing so, create the ideal environment for your bigger vision to take shape.

Simplified chart for the Pisces New Moon (note that the time should read 5:00:15 am EDT — I forgot to switch my astrology software’s preferences, LOL). Counter-clockwise from upper left: Pholus and Ceres in Capricorn, describing how even a small amount of structured (inner?) nourishment could yield big results; Mars in Aquarius; Saturn (which is in conversation with Ceres-Pholus), Nessus, the Moon,the Sun, and Neptune all in Pisces; and Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus.

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