Have you done any kind of meditation, reflection, journaling, or other form of inner journeying today? I ask because the current astro-weather looks ideal for such activities, and as we move through the rest of the week there may be opportunities to put whatever you receive, discover, or connect with to excellent use.

Winter’s loosening grip; photo by Amanda Painter.

I followed the impulse this morning to step out of my back patio door without a jacket on, surprised by how warm the Sun felt while I was shielded from the wind, and proceeded enjoy an unexpectedly immersive standing meditation, given how unfocused I felt initially. (I admit I’d love to have more snow before winter is done, but I also can’t deny how nice that Sun felt!)

Regardless of the literal weather, the astrological atmosphere right now features the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in a triple conjunction in Pisces through the next couple days. The Sun and Mercury together on their own in Pisces describes a very sensitive, creative, dreamy, and immersive space for consciousness and communication to play in.

Saturn in this mix can easily represent the kind of structured container offered by meditation techniques, certain types of healing modalities, and artistic practices. It’s not quite the same as just daydreaming or letting your mind wander; there’s more likely to be a set of steps or a protocol involved that assist a person in focusing (or in losing focus) with a specific intention.   

I’m also seeing Sun-Mercury-Saturn conjunct in Pisces as describing the ability to take more imaginative approaches to fulfilling one’s responsibilities. An example might be using meditation or a journaling exercise to clear your mind so that you can get to the rest of your “to do” list with less of a sense that something else is calling for your attention; or actively setting the intention for your inner journeying to help you find a solution to a task.

Whatever this may look for you through the middle of this week, an interesting opportunity begins to emerge as we arrive at Friday. On March 1 (how is that date even possible so soon?) the Pisces Sun comes into an exact sextile with Jupiter in Taurus.

A sextile is an aspect that’s two signs apart. It describes a harmonious type of opportunity, but it needs to be activated. This could be a little tricky with the signs Pisces and Taurus involved, as they’re not the most “action oriented” types of energies in general. Plus, Jupiter’s expansive optimism can often manifest as contented complacency rather than drive.

So this might take some conscious effort on your part, but consider bringing what you’re working on early in the week to a group of friends or peers come Friday. How could it benefit them, even if you think you’re the one who needs their support or outside perspectives?

Another thought I have about this Sun-Jupiter contact is: If you have a vision you are working toward, what gets you in the mood to take a tangible step toward it? Can you incorporate whatever that is into your week to help prime your frame of mind for success?

Finally, looking ahead to the weekend, Venus in Aquarius will be making a tense but action-oriented square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This suggests that the more consciously you can seek new experiences in your relationships (both romantic and platonic), the more enjoyable or productive the weekend may be.

Yet charging off along an un-trodden path doesn’t always feel as easy or “fun” as we think it “should.” If that’s where you find yourself, notice if you are operating with a very “fixed” or crystallized idea about what’s “allowed” within the parameters of the relationship or friendship — or about what counts as “fun experimentation” or “enjoyable deviation from the usual.”

How is that different from what simply causes stress or friction because it feels so abrupt, or because it’s some kind of repressed need or desire coming out sideways?

From another perspective: how do you usually fare when it comes to receiving the unexpected? Does any disruption at all tend to feel upsetting? Or are you open to the potential for surprises to offer gifts?  

Your explorations of these questions may well prove useful later this spring, and could relate to what kind of position you find yourself in come April, as eclipses and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction arrive. The wilder the world gets, the more important it becomes to respond with flexibility and creativity to the challenges we face. Add in healthy doses of humility, empathy, and an awareness of how we’re all connected and interdependent, and we could surprise ourselves with what becomes possible.

With love,


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