My former astrology mentor used to describe preparing for eclipses as being like approaching rapids while paddling a kayak on a river: the more you can intentionally point your kayak in the same direction as the current, rather then entering the rapids broadside, the easier it is to flow with it toward your intended destination — with much less sense of turbulence. The little stream near my home is nowhere near whitewater rapids, but the current was swift and lovely the other day. Photo by Amanda Painter.

You can also read these horoscopes for your rising sign (ascendant) as well as your Sun sign. If you don’t know your rising sign, you can either plug in your data (birth time, date, and location) at this website or message me and I’ll look it up for you.

Horoscopes for the Libra Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – March 25, 2024

ARIES — Notice who’s showing up around this Full Moon — friend, lover, enemy, business partner, random stranger — and what they’re mirroring back to you. As the Moon is dimmed it may be easier to shift your attention away from the glare of the “other” and recognize what this encounter or relationship is showing you about yourself. What do you feel shifting as a result, and what do you want?

TAURUS — Your unconscious is getting busy, and seems to be trying to point the way forward — but that’s like trying to see something on the back of your own head. Someone or something in your day-to-day work or regarding your general health and wellness (physical or mental) is holding up a sign you can actually read during this Full Moon. Pay attention to your response; then make conscious choices.

GEMINI — A community group, work team, or social association is energized and on your mind. If they’re on a serious mission, it might feel at odds with your own impulse to get creative, or to take a risk you’ve been weighing. Yet have you ever watched kids play? “High stakes” and “fun” are not mutually exclusive; this Full Moon could help you get out of your own way and integrate them better.

CANCER — Your zone of career and goals is heating up. Does it feel like it’s outweighing your home life, or your sense of emotional security? Amidst your regular cycles, occasionally you experience a deeper rebalancing, and this looks like one. With this eclipse, notice if certain feelings or ideas of “home” and “safety” have outlived their past usefulness, and could be allowed to drift away on the tide.

LEO — What big ideas, deep insights, or events at a distance have your focus currently? Your light is shining there, asking for your intention, presence, and before long some action. Although someone or something nearby seems to be insisting on your attention, it’s not actually a distraction or obstacle. It’s an opportunity to see how your typical thought patterns may be ready for an adjustment.

VIRGO — You appear focused on shared resources: what you’re sharing, who you’re intertwined with, and what it means to your identity. You generally do well with the parts you give to the equation. Yet this Full Moon is stirring up feelings around what’s truly “yours” to give, and what you deserve to receive. As the Moon dims, you may find it easier to see if anything’s been keeping those scales out of balance.

LIBRA — Do you feel like a mirror right now, Libra? You enjoy making others happy, which means sometimes people see themselves more than the real you during encounters. You can even start to believe their projections. The Earth’s shadow across the Moon could actually help you see yourself more clearly — like polarized sunglasses cutting the glare off a windshield, revealing who’s truly driving the car. 

SCORPIO — Your daily activities and their impact on your overall health and wellness are in focus. In fact, the more energy you put into tending to these needs, the more you’ll open a direct conduit into your unconscious. Something hidden there is being activated with this Full Moon, and will benefit from constructive release. Keep an eye on your dreams for clues, and watch for the sensation of a pattern being interrupted.

SAGITTARIUS — Spring amplifies your playful adventure urges, and you tend to be self-directed in your explorations even with playmates. Yet notice what’s being reflected back to you from your social circles or a public forum. Are you viewing someone’s reaction as a restriction on your freedom to express your gifts? As the eclipse interrupts that signal, notice if your perception of the dynamic shifts to something more balanced.

CAPRICORN — You’re being asked now to tend to either your literal home or the emotional footing that you’ve built your life upon. Although Monday’s Full Moon is calling attention to your career or vocational calling, it’s a bit of mirage. What’s shining out is really a reflection of something internal or domestic in disguise. If the eclipse shifts your perspective on a goal, notice what else falls into place.

AQUARIUS — Are people in your local environment (neighborhood, city, or relatives) energizing you right now? In talking to these folks, you may discover the thing that will allow you to move toward “what’s next” for you. Yet Monday’s eclipse appears to counter this with a “what if” that’s either “far out” or literally from far away. Listen carefully to hear the familiar reflected in the foreign, and proceed accordingly.

PISCES — As much as you like to go with the flow and share all you have, you do best when situations involving money, sex, power, or anything you value highly have clear, explicit agreements in place. Is one of these arrangements or another “merged” relationship at a stalemate? This Full Moon eclipse could open the way for some rebalancing. Watch for subtle signs that indicate release could equal gain.

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